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Head Coach/Team Manager Role Instructions

Head Coach/Team Manager Portal Registration 

Copy and paste the following URL in the browser

From the home page click on Portal User Registration


Copy and paste the following URL in your browser:

You will be on Registration Page

  1. Provide the necessary information to create your user account.

First Name, Last Name and Email address have to match exactly to your profile in the Special Olympics Membership system

  1. Click on the Register button to initiate the process. An “activation” email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account. After you activate your account you will be prompted to log in

Select Login form side menu to login in your account.

If you are already registered portal member then start form Login step


  1. Enter the email you registered with and the password you selected
  2. Click Login
  3. If you’ve forgotten your password click Forgotten Password to reset.


After login you will see the following window (not exact same, you will see your roles only). Side menu Buttons are to update your profile.

Below is detail of the side Menu Buttons:

  1. My Profile – your personal information, update your address or medical info here
  2. My Enrollments –  see the status of your all enrollments
  3. My Clubs and Schedules – see the Clubs you’re associated with and the published schedule for the sessions
  4. My Committees – if you hold a position on a committee, you will see it here
  5. My Rolls – the Page you are on now to select your role
  6. My Wallet – It will allow you to pay registration fee for your child/sibling if he/she is an athlete by adding your credit card info.
  7. Athlete – Join Program – it is for Athletes to join program
  8. Volunteer – Join Program – if you want to join another program, click it to start a new application. (if an athlete wants to be a Peer Mentor in a program, click it to start a new application, note: athlete can not be Peer Mentor in the program in which he/she is enrolled as an athlete)
  9. Change Password – click on it if you want to change your password
  10. Logout – Click if you have finished to view/ updates your profile to leave the system

Note: if you are an athlete your  Athlete role will be in Participant Window and if your are a Peer Mentor in other program, your role will appear in Volunteer Roles window.

To manage your club, you have to Select your Head Coach/Team Manager Role from Volunteer Roles window

From Volunteer Roles window select any Role by clicking on Continue button, you will be on landing page of that role with some new side menu buttons, lets continue as Head coach.

Following will be your landing page as head coach showing club notifications for your club if any.

Club Notifications – you will see club related notifications posted by SOO/Community if any.

See below the details to view/update your profile and your club members by selecting appropriate menu buttons after selecting a role:

  1. These 8 Buttons are to update your profile
  2. These button will allow you to update your club & members.

My Profileclick on it to view/update your info on all tabs where you are allowed to and click on Submit button on each tab at the bottom if you have updated any info.

My Enrollments – Click it to view your all enrollments. To see detail of your enrollment click on the Edit button beside the enrollment.

In My Enrollment Details widow

  1. You should cancel you enrollment in this club if you no longer want to be part of the club
  2. Add Enrollment Notes
  3. Submit

your cancellation will be approved in 24 hours

My Clubs and Schedule – click to view the clubs you’re associated with and the published schedule for the sessions. Click on Edit beside any club

You can view:

  1. Club Details
  2. Club Session details

In Club Session tab, click on Edit beside the program/sport

You will be able to view following info.


My Committees – if you hold a position on a Committee, you will see it here

Volunteer Join Program – If you wish to join another program in your community, you can enroll yourself in the program by using this tab.

You will see your name in Volunteer field. Click on Next Step – Waivers


In Legal Waivers window 3 out of 4 waivers are mandatory and should be “Yes” in order to proceed further, Select Media Release Waiver accordingly. Then Click Next Step-Program Search


In the following window

  1. Select your Chapter
  2. Select Region
  3. Select community
  4. Click Search


You will get list of clubs based on your search criteria, Select the club you wish to join (one at a time)


Click to Next Step – Enrollment Details

The following window will show your enrollment details, and allow you to select the Category and Role in the community/club (once you will select category, it will enable Role field). Add enrollments related notes, if any, then Submit Enrollment


You will get confirmation window. To check the success of enrollment procedure, click on Go to My Enrollments

You will find your new enrollment with Submitted Status in My Enrollments window


Following tabs are to manage your club members:

Active Participants – to see the list of active athletes in your club, click on Active Participant button. To see the details of athlete click on the Edit button beside the name of athlete, you will be able to see all info (you will be able to update info – where permitted).

in the following window View/update all tabs. After updates click Submit at the bottom


Active Volunteers – to view the list of active volunteers in your club, click on Active Volunteers button. Your will get list of volunteers. To view the profile click on edit button beside the volunteer name.


Add program Enrollment – (to add inactive athletes in your club)

This Tab is to Add/Activate Expired athletes in your club which were previously active in your club. (If you know that athlete is registered in your community but new to your club, ask your Data Admin to add this athlete to your club or if you know the Name, DOB and Email address, you can fill in the Participant Information section, click Next Step -Validation and follow the steps and submit enrollment)

  1. Club Participant field will provide you list of all athletes with active and Expired status. Select the name of Inactive athlete you want to activate in your program
  2. Click on little pencil to find out basic info for the member you have selected like DOB, Email address and  mailing address. This will help you to double check that you have selected right athlete (if you have 2 with same name)

Steps to add Athlete in a program/club


  1. Select the name of athlete from the Club Participant field
  2. click on Next Step – Program Search

Program search window will open with your District, community and club(s) selected and a list of your club(s) at the bottom (if you are head coach/team Manager of more than one club)

  1. Select appropriate club from the list (will allow one at a time)
  2. Click on Next Step – Participant Profile (if you want to update any info, you will be able to do here)

You can view /update member info in the tabs provided at the top of the profile.If you have done updates / or need no updates,

  1. Click Next Step – Enrollment Details

Note: if any mandatory filed is blank, system will not let you move on the next step. Make sure to fill in all mandatory fields in all the tabs like address/postal code, and some fields in Medical information.

After reviewing all details,

  1. Click Submit Enrollments. Following confirmation window will open, and athlete will get confirmation email (if email is provided in the profile).

After adding all athletes, who came back this year, in your club, ask your Community Data Admin to Approve the enrollments. (Approve Enrollments feature will be available to Head Coach/Team Manager – coming soon)

Add Volunteer Enrollments

Use this tab  to add Expired Volunteers in your club which were previously involved in your club. (If you know that coach/volunteer is registered in your community but not in your club, ask your community to add in your club, or if you know the name, DOB and email address, you can fill in info in the Volunteer Information section and click Next Step Validation and follow the steps and Submit Enrollment)


Select Name of volunteer form Club Volunteer field and click Next – Step Program Search button

Follow the instructions as provided for Add Program Enrollment. Then only difference will be in the Enrollment Details window where you have to enter Category and Role for them.

Once you will select Category, Organization Role field will appear. Select the Role for volunteer and click on Next Step – Submit Enrollment.

A confirmation window will show you the success of the enrollment and an email will be sent to the volunteer. Ask your community Data Admin to approve the enrollment (and will ask to provide current police check if volunteer was inactive for more than a year)

Club Profile – this is to view the club information, click on the Club Profile  button. This window have 3 tabs. View one by one all three.


Membership Reports

Following 6 reports are available for communities, you will be able to get members list according to your access.

To get club verification report the following report:

13- All Members Report Detail

Select Region, Community and your club name, select Participant type Athlete and report type Excel. Then click Submit.

Excel report will pop up prompting to save it. If you will click on Save, it will save in downloads folder by generic name as Report 1, 2, 3…. To save in appropriate folder click on drop down arrow and select Save as. After saving open this report to view.

Note: if report does not pop up, check your pop up block settings of your browser

Change Password – Want to change your password, fill out the following 3 fields and save.

  1. Enter current password, then new password twice
  2. Click Save

Note: after changing password, Logout from the system. Then login with new password.

Logout – Finished to view/update your info your club members info, click on Logout to leave the system. You will see Home screen having option to login again

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