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Attendance Tracker Form – How to Record this Information

Who will be able to create Attendance Sheet

  • Community Coordinators/Community Data Admins
  • Head Coach/Team Managers

Membership Portal Link

If you already have Portal Account, login from Home screen and select your role

Select Attendance on Pink menu

Click Add in Pending Attendance Records window

In the Attendance window

Select appropriate club from Club  field drop down list.

Select  session from Program Session field (must have Active Enrollments)

Enter the name of person who took attendance in Who Took Attendance field

Select date and time from Training Date & Time field – select date first then click on the clock to select the time to fix it in this field

Leave status In Progress, this will allow you to save and submit and continue later

Who Entered Information field will be auto populated with the name who is logged in to enter this information

Date Information Was Entered will also be auto populated with current date and time

Enter note in Notes field if any

Click Save to generate the list of club members

The list of registrants will be populated with Attended field values No

To add someone who is not registered but helped you in this training session like parents, support worker or guest spectator

Click on Add on Attendance Detail grid

Enter person name in External Person field

Select appropriate role from External Person Role field

Enter email in Email field

and phone in Phone field

Leave Yes in Attended field

Add note in Notes field if any

Click Submit to save this record

You will see this member in Enrollments detailed grid

How to Edit Attended field

This information can be updated Individually or in Bulk

To update individually select Box or click on Edit button beside the Name

To edit multiple records, check the ones  to be edited (who attended this training)

To edit all, check the box from the header to select all records

Click on the Edit button at the top of grid

In all cases same window will open to update Attended information

Select Yes from this window

Add note if any (in bulk update same note will be added to all members)

Click Submit to save this information

If you have finished all updates for this training session, update status to Completed form Status field – once the status is completed, the record becomes Read-only, so no further changes can be made.

If it is not complete yet, then leave status In Progress

Click Save to save these updates and continue to work on it

Click Submit to save and close this window

All In Progress attendance sheets will be in Pending Attendance Records window which can be updated anytime

All Completed attendance sheets will be in Complete Attendance Records window. These are read only

What if Attendance Sheet is not Correct or added a Test Attendance?

Attendance sheet with In Progress status can be made Invalid if it is not correct for any reason like all members of the club are not included or it was a test attendance

Select Invalid status from Status field

Click Submit to save & close the window

You will not be able to track it anymore

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