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Template – Invitation to Membership Portal for already registered Volunteer

After Return to Play approval, invite your already registered volunteers (who does not have portal account yet) to self-enroll/sign waivers by creating portal account on Membership Portal.

Following template has instructions to create membership portal account, update profile and self-enrollment. Community and club admins need to fill in the four fields information (Red) before forwarding it to volunteers

Hi {volunteer name}

Thank you for your time and interest to onboard Membership Portal. As already registered member, please follow the  instructions below to create your account on Membership Portal

Portal Account Creation Instructions for Already Registered Member

Membership Portal Link:

You have to fill out fields with exact same info with which you are registered in database. Here is your info according to database:

First Nameas in database

Last Nameas in database

DOBas in database

Portal Emailas in database


To update your information and enroll in your community program(s), please follow the instructions:

To update waivers and enroll in a club:

In case of any issue, please contact me.



Farkhanda Shahid


Membership Services Administrator


65 Overlea Boulevard, Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4H 1P1 

Tel | +1 416 447 8326 ext. 241

Toll Free | 1 888 333 5515 ext. 241
Cell | +1 647 978 8995

E-mail |


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