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Session Duplicator Tool – Instructions to duplicate Active or Expired session

Session Duplicator tool will allow data admins to duplicate program sessions along with or with out enrollments for the next program year. 

Who can use this tool?

  1. Club Admins – Head Coach /Team Managers before the expiration of current session
  2. Community Admins – Community Registrars / Community Coordinators before and after expiration of program sessions

Important Note

  • Do not create empty session, this tool will create session and populate it with enrollments
  • If you already have created empty session, ask your Program Consultant / DBA to delete it and then run this tool to duplicate program session
  • If you already have created new year session and have been populated with self enrollments, do not run session duplication tool. You will be having two sessions for same year.

Steps to duplicate Program Session

Login to Membership Portal

Select your Role like Head Coach/Team Manager/Data Administrator/Community Coordinator

Select Session Duplicator from your Role Menu

Step 1 – Create Session Duplicator Header Record

In Session Duplicator window, click Add to create Session Duplicator Header

Session Duplicator Header screen has two fields

Name – this field is header name. The default text in this field represents your Organization connected to your role. If your are Head Coach/Team Manager it will be your Club Name and if you are Community Data Admin /Community Coordinator, it will be your Community Name.

Change name of the header

Club Admins should update it by adding the session year at the end of the club name like Toronto Cricket Club – 2022-2023

Community Data Admins should add a unique name which reflects that if they are duplicating all club sessions or for some sports only like Caledon – all sessions – 2022-2023 or Caledon – 5 Pin, 10 pin, FH, Soccer – 2022-2023. To duplicate sessions for rest of clubs, community admins will create new session header and name it appropriately to reflect the clubs being duplicated in it.

Ready for Duplication – Defaulted to No, Do not Change it now.

Click Save 



Step 2 – Add Program Session to Session Header and edit the details of session 

In Session Duplicator Header screen

Click Add to add Program Session to the header record


Program Session Duplicator Detail window is opened.

Fill out all appropriate fields. Detail is provided below

Session to be Duplicated fields update guide

Club/School Program (required) – Select Club whose session to be duplicated (community admins will see list of clubs)

Program Session (required) – Select appropriate session to be duplicated (current active session /expired session)

Start Date – September 1st of this year –  (9/1/2022 )

End Date – August 31st of next year – (8/31/2023)

New Session Status  – select Active (if you select New, you have to update it to Active after session duplication).

Duplicate Enrollments? select Yes,  If this session is for Self-Registration, select No

Enrollment Statuses to Duplicated – Select Active if session is Active. If you think members who quit this session are also coming back in new session then select Member Cancelled status as well.

If Session is Expired – Select Expired. If you think members who quit this session are also coming back in new session then select Member Cancelled status as well.

New Enrollment Status – Defaulted status is In Progress. Keep it and approve once waivers are signed by members. Select Active only if all requirements are fulfilled

Full Rate – Enter Registration fee (you can add later)

Full Rate Start Date – same as Session Start Date – Optional

Full Rate End Date – same as Session End Date – Optional

Early Bird Rate – Optional

Early Bird Start Date – Optional

Early Bird End Date – Optional

Capacity – Optional

Available for Online Registration – Select Yes

Open For Online Registration – Select Yes if you want the session to be available on the portal immediately.  If you selected No, the session will be shown on the portal after Session Start date will pass.

Hide from Self-Enrollment – Select No. Select Yes if you don’t want member to register themselves in this session yet.

Location – Optional

Schedule – Schedule of current/previous session will be duplicated which can be update later if there is any change

Program Requirements – Optional

After filling out all fields appropriately,

Click on Submit to save the changes.

Community Admins can repeat Step 2 – Add Program Session to Session Header and edit the details of session  to add another club session to this Session Header

Once all sessions have been added to Session Header

Select Yes from Ready for Duplication field

Click Save & Close

Click Ok to the pop up window

Session Duplicator Header will show Duplication Status Open

Use the Refresh button on the bottom right of the Session Header grid to check the progress

Now Duplication Status shows In Progress. 

The duplication job will take at least several minutes to run, depending on the number of enrollments to be duplicated.  Very large duplications can take 10 – 15 minutes to run.


keep checking Duplication Status

When complete, the Duplication Status will change to Complete


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