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Instructions to add a Session

Login as Data Admin/Head Coach/Team Manager

Data Admin – Select Clubs tab from side Menu. This tab will provide you list of Active & Inactive clubs of your community. Open a club to view its details.

Head Coach/Team Managers – Select Club Profile tab from side Menu. It will provide you details of your club.

  1. Click edit to view/update the club details, Banking info & Club Sessions (1, 2 & 3 in the window below).
  2. To navigate the list, to select pages
  3. To select items per page
  4. To get excel list of clubs, use Export to Excel tool

Add New Session & Schedule

Select Club Sessions tab

  1. To view/update existing session click on the edit button beside the Program (Sport)
  2. To add new session, click on Add Add info in the window as shown below:

  1. Select Sport/program of the club
  2. Select Session Status – Active
  3. Enter Start Date of the Session – on this date club will be available for proximity search. This is the date when actual sport practice will take place at the facility you will enter in this session
  4. Enter the End Date of the Session – on this date this club session will be expired and will not be available for proximity search. This is the date when sport session will expire for this season.
  5. Add Capacity of athletes, once enrollments will exceed this number, new enrollments will get Waiting List Status.
  6. Enter the volunteer hours – volunteers will earn in this session
  7. Schedule will be auto populated once you will add facility and schedule for this session – Do not write anything in this field
  8. Program Requirements – enter if any
  9. Registration Fee – enter the registration fee that athletes have to pay before actual practice/session starts. There are prorated / early birds options as well if some community wants to use them. (if you wish your session be available earlier to the athletes to get registered Set an earlier date for Full Rate Start Date than the actual Session Start Date.  It will be available to athletes/volunteers on proximity search or to returning athletes/volunteers as well. If communities want to see session after the Session End Date, then set the Full Rate End date to a later date than the Session End Date).
  10. After filling all above info, click Submit to register this session. Once the session is created, now you will be able to add Session Schedule

  1. Open the newly created club session
  2. In the Session Schedule section click Add to add new schedule

Following window will open:

  1. Search for the facility name where the practice for this session will occur (Facilities for all registered clubs are registered in database, you have to search the name of facility)
  2. Select appropriate name from the list
  3. Select day of practice
  4. Select Start & End Time (time is provided with 30 minutes interval, if you have to write 7:45 just type in the time) and Submit

Close the session window and re-open it. See the window below for complete session.

Session Approval & Activation

After creating session, it has to be approve by SOO Staff. SOO staff is your District Developer or DBA. Send email to your DD to approve it. Once it is approved, it will be available to you to add enrollments and to general public for athlete/volunteer registrations.

Important Note for Data Admins/head coaches

After creating new Session and its enrollment, if you changed Start or End date of session, it will not reflect in its enrollments. You have to change enrollments date manually so that Sessions and enrollments get expired on same date. So it is advised that refrain to change session dates as it will increase your work. Select appropriate dates while creating your sessions.














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