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Program Sessions – Introduction

What is a Session?

Session represents a time period for a sport in a club in which athletes do real practice at a designated facility.  Session Start Date and Session End Date represents the start and end of the Sport Session

How many Program Sessions a club can have?

A “Community Club” or “School Club” can be associated to one or multiple Program Sessions. These sessions represent the different levels or schedules (if applicable) for programs offered at the club.  Each Program Session needs to be associated to a single Program (sport).

Example of multiple sessions for Active start Program (starting at different dates/time/age/Facility)

Who can create Program Sessions?

Head Coach, Team Managers and community Data Admins/Community Coordinators can create a session. After SOO approval they will be able to add enrollments.

Details of Session Window:

  1. Name of the Sport (program)
  2. Session Status
  3. Program session Start and End dates are specifically the dates for actual program to run.
  4. Vacancies available for  athletes
  5. Indicates Volunteer hours earned by a volunteer of this session (useful for students)
  6. It will be auto populated when schedule will be added
  7. Registration fee for this session, start & end dates will be same as session dates
  8. Registration fee for who joins late in the session
  9. Early Bird Rate for first comers if club offers between the dates provided
  10. Submit – to create this session

When a schedule can be added?

After creating session, Add schedule button will be enabled.

Add – a new window will pop up, fill all the following fields and submit.

Note: Facilities are already added in the system, search on your facility name. If not found then you can add new facility. Add Facility is an option on the Data Admin role. Head coaches/Team managers are not able to add new facility.

When a session will be available on the Portal for registration for data Admins and general public?

When Session Start Date will pass, session will be available for registration (if you have a session with future dates, you have to wait till that date)

When a session will be expired?

After passing the Session End Date, session will be expired and will not be available for registration to data admins and general public

What if Data Admins or parents want to enroll members before the Session Start Date?

To be available for early registration, you have to add Early Bird Start and End Dates. We recommend to add these dates based on your Registration night/event which is always earlier than the actual program session.

I have entered Early birds dates but session is still not available for registration?

If you have added future dates like date for tomorrow or next week you have to wait till then. We recommend to add early bird date as of today’s date so that system can make it available by tomorrow. (System tools mostly runs at midnight)

As a Data Admin if I want to have access to this session longer than its expiry date what do I have to do?

Enter Early Bird End date longer than Session End Date.

Why do I have to add sessions? These were not in the old data base?

Session is a new feature introduced in new database. Its benefits are multi folds.

Session will create history of a club. We can see:

  • How many session this clubs has been offered so far.
  • Participation of members
  • Members who moved forward in next session
  • Expired members
  • Will provided exact date of any suspended/terminated member

As a Data Admin/Head Coach it is overwhelming for me to create sessions for my clubs. Does SOO will provide any help in this regard?

Yes, Session Duplicate Tool, this tool is ready to use.

DBA will be able to duplicate expired session for communities and make it available to them with Status New, with all its Cancelled members with Active Status. Then communities have to update session fields where necessary like Status, schedule and have to Cancel  the member enrollments who are not returning in this session.

Note: SOO will duplicate club sessions for the clubs having large number of enrollments on community request which must be approved by their District Developer.



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