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Steps to follow by club admins to create and manage yearly new sessions

Hi Head Coach/Team Manager,

To start your sport/program after RTP approval for new year ( September 1st – August 31st), here are steps to follow:

  1. Create new session for 2022 – If previous session has already been expired, ask your Community Admin or Sport Consultants to create your session and enroll you as HC/TM. (or you can contact @ )
  2. Invite all volunteers to self-enroll / sign waivers by creating portal accounts on Membership Portal https://portal.specialolympics.caVolunteer Invitation Template 
  3. Please run Report 13 – All Members Detail report which will provide you information of First Name, Last Name, Portal Email and DOB to fill in Volunteer/Athlete template. You can copy and paste these four fields to that template before sending to volunteers
  4. If Portal Email field is blank, get their emails and forward to your Sport Consultant or to update their profile, then send portal invitation to them
  5. Make sure Portal Emails for all volunteers are current
  6. Send this form to Parents/legal guardians to become Family Admin to look after their athlete profiles /sign waivers –
  7. Send this form to Group Homes if they wish to become Group Home Admins to look after their athletes – (GHA will not be able to sign waivers for athletes as they are not their legal guardians. Provide them PDF waivers copy to fill in)
  8. Invite Tech Savvy athletes only to self-enroll/sign waivers by Creating Portal Account on Membership Portal – Athlete Invitation Template
  9. Members need help, send them to Sport Consultants OR

Below are instructions for your role, all are with screen shots which will be great help to updated your club and its members.

Head Coach/Team Manager Role instructions

Volunteer Self-Enrollment & Waivers Update Instructions

Athlete Self-Enrollment & Waivers Update Instructions

How to add Covid Declaration info

How to create Attendance sheet


Program Session Introduction

How To Add New Session

New Volunteer – community approval instructions

Reference Check Form

In Progress Enrollments

Enrollment Status details

Helping Parents!

Family Admin Introduction

Family Admin request form: (when family admin and athlete are already registered OR Athlete is registered not the Parent)

New Parent – New athlete registration instructions by a Family Admin

Family Admin Role Instruction

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