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New Volunteer – Community Approval Instructions

New Volunteer onboarding requirements:

  • Two non related references checked by community/club admin
  • Current Police Check (Criminal + Vulnerable Sector Check)
  • Safe Sport Course completed & entered in profile by volunteer
  • Terms and Conditions accepted by Volunteer

Login to Membership Portal

After Login following will be your Landing Page

After login you will see the following window (not exact same, you will see your roles only)

You will not be able to see your Role Menu options until you select your role.

Select your Role

From Volunteer Roles window select Head Coach /Data Administrator Role by clicking on Continue button 

After role selection as Head Coach you will see Head Coach menu beside My Options. showing your  role information and Organization Notifications

Approve Enrollments

Select Approve Enrollments tab from Head Coach/Data Administrator menu

There are two windows with enrollments to be approved

Where to Find New Volunteer Application by Community /Club Admin?

New Volunteer Application will be in “Enrollments Requiring Community, Region or Chapter Approval” window.

Click on Edit button beside the name of volunteer to open Enrollment Detail window

In this window quick links are added to have a quick look on all the above mentioned requirements for New Volunteer

  1. CRC Record & Linked Document
  2. Member Training Records
  3. Full Profile
  4. Personal References

CRC Record & Linked Document – to check if Police check is uploaded by volunteer

Click on this link to open Criminal Record Check Information.

If you see CRC Completed and CRC Renewal dates, this means volunteer has uploaded police check and it has been review by DBA. If this section is blank, this means that volunteer has not uploaded police check.

If you see Edit & Delete buttons, this means police check has been uploaded, it is not been reviewed by DBA or uploaded police check is not valid.

Data admins can upload police check if volunteer has provided it to them by clicking on Add button and follow instructions given on the screen.

Member Training Records – to see Safe Sport Course

To check Safe Sport course requirement, click on Member Training Record  link. You will see this course or/and  list of other course.

If you volunteer has provided Safe Sport  Course completion information to Data admins, they can can enter it by clicking on Add button.

Full Profile – to review Terms & Conditions accepted by volunteer

Click on Full Profile link will open volunteer profile, Profile tab. Scroll down to see Terms & Condition Section (previously called Waivers)

Personal References


Note: If volunteer has not provided/provided only one reference name(s), contact volunteer and advise to update this info in application.

Open the reference to get contact info.

Use the following Reference Check form to check reference(s)

Volunteer Reference Check Form

Once reference(s) have been checked , updated Contacted and Reference Contacted Date fields in Volunteer Reference window and Submit to save this info


Volunteer application will be approved/activated by chapter DBA when all above four conditions will be fulfilled.

For faster volunteer onboarding, community admins can send email to DBA to activate volunteer when all required conditions have been fulfilled.

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