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Add New Club Session

Add new Session

To add New Session click on Add in the Active Sessions window

Select Program, Session Status Active/New, Session Start and End Dates.

Available for Portal RegistrationYes will make this session available to you once Session Start Date will pass. if you wish to work on this club session like enroll members before the start of its practices, you have to contact SOO Staff to approve it.

Schedule – do not write in this field as schedule information will pop up in this field when you will enter the Facility and Schedule information. 

Add Full Rate (club registration fee), Full Rate Start & End Date and Program Requirements if any. Click Submit to save this information

Note: You can not add Session Schedule until to Submit to save this information

Open newly created session by clicking Edit button beside the name of Sport

Add Session Schedule

Now you will be able to add session schedule. Click on Add button

In Session Schedule Detail window search for facility in Facility field. Select appropriate Facility from the list. (if you do not find the name of the facility you are looking for, this means it is not registered in database. Send facility information to your community Data Admin / SOO DBA to register it)

Select Day from Day of the Week field, Start & End Time and Submit to save this information.

Note: Time is provided in 30 minutes internals in list. If you have to enter time like 5:15 & 7:45 . Select 5:00 PM from the list and then edit this time by inserting cursor in the Start Time field which will allow you to edit time, so update it as 5:15 PM. Repeat this for End Time as well. 

You will see your Session Schedule information. Submit to save and close this window

Confirmation Notice

You will get the following Success notice which means your session has been created successfully.

Open this new session again to review the information.

Check the Schedule field which was left blank, you will see auto filled information in it displaying Facility Name, Day and time of the practice.


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