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Template – Invitation to Membership Portal for already registered Athletes

After Return to Play approval, invite your already registered high functioning athletes only (who does not have portal account yet) to self-enroll/sign waivers by creating portal account on Membership Portal.

Following template has instructions to create membership portal account, update profile and self-enrollment. Community and club admins need to fill in the four fields information (Red) before forwarding it to athletes.

Hi {Athlete name}

Thank you for your time and interest to onboard Membership Portal. As already registered athlete, please follow the instructions below to create your account on Membership Portal:

Instructions to create Portal account:

Portal Account Creation Instructions for Already Registered Member

Membership Portal Link:

You have to fill out fields with exact same info with which you are registered in database. Here is your info according to database:

First Nameas in database

Last Nameas in database

DOBas in database

Portal Emailas in database

To update your information and enroll in your community program(s), please follow the instructions:

To Self-Enroll and update your waivers, please follow the instructions:



Farkhanda Shahid


Membership Services Administrator


65 Overlea Boulevard, Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4H 1P1 

Tel | +1 416 447 8326 ext. 241

Toll Free | 1 888 333 5515 ext. 241
Cell | +1 647 978 8995

E-mail |


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