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New Junior Volunteer Registration Instructions

You must be 14 years old to be a registered Special Olympics Ontario Junior Volunteer

If you are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old and want to become a volunteer, you can apply as Junior Volunteer. Please apply here!

Right Click on URL to open Membership Portal in new tab

From Home Page, Select Registration

Please read carefully instruction given in the  Registering Yourself

Select For Myself

Read instructions for All Applicants & Volunteer Applicants

Select Volunteer/Coach from Let’s Get Started Screen

Your Information

Select SO Ontario from Province/Territory field drop-down

Fill out Your Information in four fields, First Name (your legal first name), Last NameDate of Birth and Email Address.

Select No from Do you have Guardianship over yourself? field (you are not 18 year old)

A pop up widow will show up to enter your parent/guardian information who will sign Terms & Conditions for you.

Enter your Parent’s Name and Email Address

Click Save & Close

System will send your parent email with a link to sign Terms & Conditions which will be saved in your profile.

Click on Next Step

Create Portal Account

System did not find you as a registered member and welcoming you to create your portal account as a new member.

Enter your Email address in Reenter Email field and password in Password & Repeat Password fields.

Note: Follow the Password Rules to enter password. Click on Eye icon to see your password.

Click Create Portal Account

Now you have to complete all 10 Steps to submit your application

Step 1 –  is success message of your Portal Account creation

Click on Next Step

Step 2 – Program Search and Club/Program Selection

In Program Search window, Search/Select Community in which you want to find Sport clubs/Programs

Note: You can select Sport to find clubs/Programs only for that particular sport

After Community selection

Click on Search

You will get list of programs which are currently running in this community

Click Add to the club you wish to enroll in Search Results window

A pop up window will open to select your role in club.

Select Junior Coaching Volunteer from Organizational Role field.

Add note in Note field if any.

Click Apply to save and close this pop up window.

You will see Program & your role in Your Selected Enrollments section

Click on Next Step

Step 3 – Main Information

Please fill in all Required fields

Add Primary Address 

Click Next Step

Note: if you have secondary address and want to add it, Click on  Add Secondary Address, add info and Submit.

Step 4 – Criminal Record Check Information

As you are minor (not 18 year old yet) so skip this step

Click on Next Step

Step 5 – Medical information

Fill out all required fields on this screen.

If your answer for any question will be Yes, more fields will appear to input details related to that question.

You can add your Medical Condition if any, by clicking on +Add, a new window will popup, select appropriate option and Submit to save it.

Then click on Next Step

Step 6 – Emergency Contacts

You must have to provide two Emergency Contacts information.

Enter Required fields and any other field for both contacts

Click on Next Step

Step 7 – Member Training

If you have not taken any training course, Click on Next Step


Click +Add to add info of the courses you have taken from the list provided in the pop up window.

If course name is not in the list, Select Other Course, Other Course field will be enabled to enter the Course Name. 

Add date completed & renewal date if any and Submit

Click Next Step

Step 8 – Personal References

You MUST have to provide two non-related references information in Personal References section. Click Add to enter the information.

Click Add to enter the information

In My Volunteer Reference window, provide information in Required fields

Please provide Email address of your references, though it is not a required field.

Click Submit to save this info.

Fill out appropriate fields in Profile Additional Information

Click on Next Step

Step 9 – Enrollment Confirmation

Review your Enrollment Details then

Click Confirm and Submit 

Step 10 – Success Message

This window shows that your application has been submitted successfully.

System has sent you confirmation email.

Click on See My Enrollments to see your enrollment or you can Log Out

This window shows your Full Name, Membership Status and your enrollment with Submitted Status.

Your Community/Club Admin will review your application, will contact you for further information. Your references will be contacted by community/club admin before you can start volunteering.

Now you can either Logout or click on My Options to update/review your application information

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