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Usability Membership Portal – Volunteer Self-Enrollment and Waivers Update Instructions

If you already have Membership Portal Account as an registered Volunteer

Login to Membership Portal

Click on Login from Portal Home screen

In the Log in screen enter your email address and password you selected when you created your account and click Log in button

Landing Page

After login following page will be your Landing page.

If you wish to review/update your information, Click on My options dropdown at top right corner of the screen to get menu options.

If you wish to see more options for your role, select Continue from the Volunteer Roles window.

Note: You will see your Role in Volunteer Role window only if you have Active enrollment(s) in club(s). If all of your enrollments are Expired, Volunteers Role Window will be blank

Self Enrollment & Waivers Update

To enroll yourself in a Program/Club, select Add me as Volunteer from My Options menu.

Step 1 – Volunteer Information

In this screen you will see your name in Volunteer field

Select Yes/No from Do You have Guardianship over yourself? field.

Yes means you are 18 years old, having  guardianship over yourself so you will be able to fill out your Waivers online.

No means you have to print Waivers form from the screen, have them signed from your legal guardian and submit to your Head Coach.

After appropriate selection, click Next Step

Step 2 – Legal Waivers

If you are doing Self – Enrollment first time, you have to fill out all waivers in Legal Waivers screen

Participation Waivers, Privacy Policy Confirmation and Code of Conduct Confirmation must be Yes to proceed further on your application.

In Media Release and Communications – you have options to pick your own options

Otherwise review your  previous Waivers selection. Update if you wish to change any selection in Media Release Opt-Out and Communications section, then

Click on Next Step

Step 3 – Program Search & Club Enrollment

Stop: If you already have been enrolled in the Program/Club by your community/club admin, and you need to fill out your waivers only, do not continue to complete enrollment process after signing waives. Click on My Options to select other menu item to halt this process. 

Otherwise continue enrollment process.

In Program Search window, select Region and Community in which you want to find Sport clubs/Programs then click Search 

You will get list of programs which are currently running in this community

Note: You can select Sport to find clubs/Programs only for that particular sport

Click Add  to the club you wish to enroll in Search Results window

Select the Category from Category field list.  A list of Organization roles is displayed based on the Category you selected

Select the Organization Role from Organizational Role field list

Note: If you are not able to find your role, just select any one form the list and make a note in Enrollments Note field, community representative will help you to find appropriate role for you while reviewing  and approving your enrollment.

Add not in Note field if any.

Click Apply to save and close this pop up window.

You can see your enrollment in What You Have Selected So Far window

To review enrollment detail, click on Edit button, a window will open with your enrollment details and if you want to update your Category / Role, you can update in this window.

If you have selected this club by mistake and want to enroll in different club, click on Delete button to delete this enrollment. Follow the above mentioned step to enroll in club you wish for.

To enroll in another program repeat the steps as given above.

Note: there is a limit on the number of Enrollments in the In Progress grid, volunteers can self enroll in Maximum 3 clubs in one attempt.

After reviewing your enrollment Click on Next Step

Step 4 – Main Information

Review/update appropriate info on this page including required fields

and click on Next Step

Step 5 – Address

Review/update Primary Address which is mandatory

Click on Next Step

Step 6 – Criminal Record

In Criminal Record (CRC) Information window, Click +Add to upload copy of police check if you have to upload new police check as old outdated.

  1. If you have current complete police check (current means not older than a year, complete means Criminal +VSS) and have PDF copy.
  2. You can upload E-police checks (some police services issue E-copy of police check result)

If you do not have Police Check at this moment, click on Next Step, it can be uploaded later anytime.

Step 7 – Medical Information

Review/update your info including required fields on this Medical Information screen

If your answer for any question will be Yes, more fields will appear to input details related to that question.

You can add your Medical Condition if any, by clicking on +Add, a new window will popup, select appropriate option and Submit to save it.

Then click on Next Step

Step 8 – Emergency Contacts

You must have to provide at least one Emergency Contacts information. Review/update already saved EC if required.

Click +Add , a pop up window will open, add all appropriate information and Submit.

Click on Next Step

Step 9 – Member Training

Click +Add to add info of the courses you have taken from the list provided in the pop up window.

If course name is not in the list Select Other Course, Other Course field will be enabled to enter the Course Name. 

Add date completed & renewal date if any and Submit

Click Next Step

Step 10 – Volunteer Additional Information

Fill out appropriate fields in Profile Additional Information.

Review References info if references have not provided, Click Add to enter the information. You MUST have to provide two non-related references information in Personal References section.

In My Volunteer Reference window, provide  information in appropriate fields

Click Submit to save this info.

Click on Next Step

Step 11 – Enrollment Details

Click on Edit button to review details of your enrollment

If you want to change Organization Role, you can do it in this window. Submit to save

Then click on Next Step

Step 12 – 100%

This window shows that your enrollment has been submitted successfully.

System has sent you confirmation email.

Click on Go to My Enrollments

Step 12 – My Enrollments

This window shows your full name, Membership Status and your enrollment with Submitted Status.

Your Community/Club Admin will review your application, will contact you for further information. Your references will be contacted by community/club admin before you can start volunteering.

Now you can either Logout or click on My Options to select other menu item.

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