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Usability Membership Portal – Bulk Entry Tool – To Add new Enrollments with Active Status

Bulk Entry tool will allow Community Coordinators/Data Admins to add registered athletes/volunteers in other sports without sending emails to the members by selecting Status “Active”.

More features are:

  1. Update member all information on one screen
  2. Add more than one Enrollments to selected member on same screen
  3. Make enrollment status “Active” from same screen without going into Approve Enrollment Window (default status will be “In Progress”)
  4. Register New Athletes who do not have an Email Address

Where to Find Bulk Entry Tool?

After login as Community Coordinator/Data Admin

Select Bulk Entry Program from Data Administrator menu dropdown on top right corner of the landing page

Following is main screen for Bulk Entry Tool. This page has two functionalities

  1. to enroll already registered athlete/volunteer in a sport(s)
  2. to register a new Athlete/Volunteer who does not have Email address /access to computer

Enroll /Update information or already registered Athlete/Volunteer

Select appropriate Athlete/Volunteer form Registered Member filed dropdown list. You can type initials of first name to narrow down list.

Select Participant/Volunteer from the Participant/Volunteer (required) filed base on your selection from Registered Member field

Click on Next Step – Validate Member



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