Steps to Hosting a Competition

Steps to Hosting a Competition

Set a Date

  • Choose a date, time and location for competition
  • Communicate the information with your District Developer and on the Sport Specific Pre-season Coaches Call
  • Submit the event to the SOO Events Calendar

Book Facility

Make sure the facility has the following (if any of the following is missing include that information on the registration package):

  • Safe
  • Meets Sport Technical Requirements
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Spectator Area
  • Warming/Cooling area
  • Officials area
  • Facility staff on site during competition*

*This is important to know for your own planning

Certificate of Insurance

Fill in SOO’s Insurance Requisition form to have proof of insurance e-mailed to you. Many facilities will require proof of insurance be provided prior to allowing you to utilize their facility.

Recruit an Organizing Committee

*See “Structure of an Organizing Committee” in this resource.

Prepare a Budget

*View “Sample Budget”


There are many ways to fundraise for a competition:

  • Seek sponsorship
  • Gift in kind for supplies, snacks/refreshments etc
  • When booking facilities or equipment ask for the not-for-profit rate
  • When booking officials ask if any would be willing to volunteer

Prepare Competition Invitation

The Competition Flyer must include the following:

  • Date, Time & Location (include full address and/or map)
  • Registration fees and any late fees
  • Registration deadline date
  • Contact person
  • Schedule of events (if known)
  • Format of competition
  • Which Sport Rules will be in effect during the competition (any rule changes that have been approved by SOO to be used during the competition)
  • Brief outline of how divisioning will occur

Prepare Registration Form

The Registration Form must include:

  • Individual Sports: Event Entry Form (or soft copy of GMS shell if applicable)

    -Athlete’s name, registration number, age, gender, and events they are registering for

    -Must include a spot for coaches names and registration numbers as well

  • Team Sports: Team Roster

    -Athlete’s name, registration number

    -Spot for Coaches names

    -Ability level of team (as perceived by the coach)

Recruit Volunteers

Ensure you will have enough volunteers to run the competition. Volunteers are often recruited from the following places:

  • Local high school or college in applicable programs
  • Your local pool of SOO volunteers
  • Local businesses that offer volunteer programs
  • General call for volunteers in your community

Book Officials

Certified officials are required at all conference competitions and provincial qualifiers. They are recommended for all competitions. While officiating at a SOO event all officials are required to:

  • Uphold their NSO/PSO Code of Conduct for Officials
  • Uphold the SOO Volunteer & Coach Code of Conduct

Recruit Medical Personnel

Have medical personal available at the venue(s) the day of the event (RN, St. John’s Ambulance etc)

Order Food

Plan for a nutritious lunch or snacks (if being offered)

  • Lunches would not be covered by SOO due to a deficit budget
  • Lunches can be offered to participants for a fee

Ensure there is water for participants and volunteers

  • Many facilities and municipalities have water refill stations available- ask participants and volunteers to bring a water bottle and refill as needed


Secure the appropriate equipment for the competition

Prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Every competition must have an EAP in place in the event that an emergency occurs.

  • Person in Charge (training in injury or first aid)
  • Call Person (should be pre-assigned to call for emergency services)
  • Control person (assigned for crowd control)

Prepare Coaches Package

To be provided the day of the competition at the registration desk. To include:

  • Day of schedule
  • List of event registrations (if applicable)
  • Important information about the day

Receive Registrations

Be prepared to receive the registrations from participating clubs, along with the registration fees (submit to community council for deposit)

Order Awards

Order ribbons from SOO. Send an e-mail to outlining:

  • How many and what kind of ribbons you will need
  • When you need them by (please allow a minimum of 2 weeks)
  • The address they should be shipped to


Prepare all of the “stuff” that will be needed:

  • Prepare packages for timers, score keepers etc
  • Pens, pencils, paper, ink….
  • Set agendas for competition, coaches meeting and volunteer orientation

Competition Results

Prepare results for coaches and send a copy to the SOO Sport & Competition Developer.


You should work with your committee to evaluate the competition, what went well, what you can change for next time etc. Submit this evaluation to the SOO Sport & Competition Developer so the knowledge can be shared with other volunteers.

Attending clubs should also be given an opportunity to submit an evaluation of the event.