Competition Budget

Competition Budget


Four to six weeks prior to the completion, the competition host is expected to submit a Projected Budget for approval. For Invitationals / Conference Competitions, this is submitted to your District Developer; for Provincial Qualifiers, it is submitted to the SOO Competition Developer. 


The Competition Host, in conjunction with their community council, will receive and deposit all registration fees and donations associated with the competition. The competition host will also be responsible for paying all expenses related to the competition. 


Budget Guidelines  



  • Registration Fees:  cannot exceed $25 per athlete ($40/ golfer)
  • Fundraising Committee to secure cash and in-kind donations 



  • Request the non-profit fee for all facility rentals or request in-kind donation of     facility fees 
  • Obtain competition equipment from local generic sport club at no (minimal) cost 
  • Request a reduced fee for officials fees 
  • Water, juice, fruit and snacks (if provided). Approach local grocery stores to        receive gift-in-kind donations. 
  • If Northern Ontario participants require overnight accommodations. Secure     reduced-rate for all participants by booking blocks of rooms. 
  • Lunches: It is recommended that all participants bring their own lunch to the     competition unless the competition budget can accommodate lunches without     experiencing a deficit.  Please ensure nutritious food is provided and that there is     a sufficient amount of food for each participant. 
  • If the competition is being hosted in a facility where outside food is not permitted,        the competition host will need to provide lunch for all athletes and     coaches.  Coaches should be charged for lunch and they can seek     reimbursement from their community council. 


SOO will not approve budgets if a deficit is expected and non-essential items are included. Non-essential items include:  

  • medals and trophies as ribbons can be obtained from SOO free of charge 
  • volunteer recognition as SOO will provide Volunteer Appreciation Certificates        free of charge 
  • meals with the exception of Northern Ontario and the above guidelines regarding     meals 


SOO Grant Opportunities 

Special Olympics Ontario provides grant opportunities to offset deficits experienced by communities hosting competitions. Grant deadlines are November 15, April 15, and June 15 of each year. Online grant application forms are available at the SOO website. 


Please note: Competition Grants will be considered when competitions are expecting a deficit. Competition Grants may be awarded to communities that have access to limited funds. Funds will be electronically transferred into the community council account where applicable. 

Sponsorship and Gift-in-Kind Donations 


Competition Host committees are strongly encouraged to seek sponsors and gift-in-kind donations for the competition. Donations of any kind can enhance the competition experience for the athlete and will provide financial relief for the community. All donations should be recognized on site at the competition by signage, verbal announcements, etc.  Communities should also recognize sponsors on local websites, banquets etc. 


Receipts for financial donations will be sent from SOO by means of the normal donation deposit process. 

Sample Budget:


Special Olympics Ontario – Budget Report

(Name of) Competition


Conference: _________________ Community:  ___________________________


Sport: ___________________     Date of Competition: ____________________


Facility Name and Location:  _________________________________________


Budget Submitted by: _____________________     Phone #: _______________





Registration Fees*


Cash Donations






Total Revenues:




Facility Rental




Officials Fees






Accommodation (Northern Ont. Only)


Meals if needed


Total Expenditures:


Revenue minus Expenditures:



*Registration fees are as follows: Northern Ontario $50.00, the rest of Ontario $25.00 (Golf registration fees are capped at $40)

**S.O.O. will not reimburse the following expenses:

  • Volunteer recognition as SOO will provide volunteer certificates
  • Medals/Trophies and other Awards as SOO will provide ribbons for all competitions
  • Meals, with exception to the following:
    • Northern Ontario competitions where athletes have to stay overnight
    • Facilities where outside food is not permitted i.e. some bowling centres and curling rinks.  


Four to six weeks prior to competition: Please submit the proposed budget to the SOO Competition Developer.