Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

Volunteers become members of Special Olympics Ontario by submitting a completed registration form to the head coach or community registrar. The registration process can also be initiated online through the Self Service Portal.

The registration process is a multi step process and an individual will not be considered a volunteer with Special Olympics Ontario until all of the following steps have been completed:

  • Registration Form is completed
  • Police Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Search has been received by SOO
  • Reference Checks are completed by the local Community Council
  • Complete NCCP’s Safe Sport training

Police Record Check

In addition to the registration form, volunteers are required to submit a current copy of a police record check and vulnerable sector search. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to apply and receive this document from their local police services office. SOO has created a letter of request that most police services offices accept in order to complete the police record check. This letter may be found at the “Forms” section of the SOO website.

PLEASE NOTE: Special Olympics Ontario will only activate new volunteers if a Complete Volunteer Registration form is accompanied by a completed Police Record Check & Vulnerable Sector Check for the applicant. An SOO registration number will not be generated if all requirements of this process are not met.

What does this mean? Potential volunteers will not be permitted to attend/participate in any Special Olympics Ontario event in the capacity of volunteer or coach until ALL membership requirements are met.

Registration Number

Once the above conditions of registration have been meet a registration number will be generated for the new volunteer. This number is used to verify the volunteers membership status with the organization and is their identification number on the Self Service Portal. Each volunteer will be provided with their registration number in the welcome letter they receive from SOO once their registration has been completed.