Sport Club Manager Position Description

Sport Club Manager Position Description



To coordinate, document and maintain athlete and volunteer records pertaining to the administration of the sport club.


Minimum Qualifications/Skills Required:


  • Thoroughness in record keeping and documentation.
  • Strong administrative and communication skills.
  • Enjoyment working with athletes with an intellectual disability.




  • Distribute and collect completed athlete and volunteer registration forms and submit to the Provincial Office or the community council.
  • Distribute and collect Atlanto-Axial examination forms from athletes with Down Syndrome.
  • Distribute and collect athlete health histories.
  • Liaise with Community Volunteer Coordinator to request more volunteers when required.
  • Distribute orientation materials to new volunteers ex. club rules and regulations.
  • Orient new volunteers to the practice facility.
  • Record athlete and volunteer attendance.
  • Arrange for transporting club members to invitational competitions.
  • Collect and record competition registration fees.
  • Manage the club’s finances and communicate with the Community Treasurer as required.
  • Submit annual facility permit application.
  • Review and be familiar with SOO’s policies and procedures regarding sport clubs, athletes, volunteers and competition.


Job Requirements:


Must have access to computer, internet and email.


Time Requirement:


  • One-Two hours per week at home completing record keeping and follow up.
  • One-Two hours per week at the sports club practice.
  • Competitions as required.




This position is responsible to the sport club members and accountable to the Head Coach.

Training & Orientation:

The Sport Club Manager will be provided with a Sport Club manual to maintain records and keep documents filed.  The Head Coach will orient the manager to the specific needs of the club. The Community Registrar and Volunteer Coordinator can provide additional resources.