Registration Package

Registration Package


The Competition Host should send a registration package to all coaches that may attend the competition at least six weeks in advance. This allows adequate time for coaches to make travel arrangements and obtain all the necessary information required on the registration form.


Registration Package Checklist


The Competition Flyer must include the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (include map)
  • Registration Cost and Late Fee
  • Registration Deadline Date
  • Contact Person


The Competition Registration Form must include the following:

  • Entry Form (including name and registration number for coach(es), and name, age, gender, SOO Registration number, and events entered for athlete(s)).
  • Team Roster (including name and registration number for coach(es); name, and SOO Registration number for athletes, and Level of Team). Please refer to the Sport Rules for minimum and maximum roster size.


Other information that must be included in the package:

  • Schedule of event
  • Format of Competition
  • Sport Governing Body Rules: where to find them, brief summary of most common rules
  • Special Olympics Ontario Sport Specific Rules
  • Special Olympics Ontario Divisioning Policy 7000-200 (for Conference competitions)


OPTIONAL information for Northern Districts:

  • Accommodation recommendations (if applicable)
  • Meal requirements (if applicable)