Quota Allocation for Provincial Games


Quota Allocation for Provincial Games


Quotas for provincial games will be based upon the number of athletes that participated in the provincial qualifier in the year preceding the provincial games. The quota will be proportionally divided amongst all conference competitions based on participation at the provincial qualifier.  Please note that athletes registered in the adapt divisions are not eligible for advancement to Provincial Games and therefore will not be included in the calculations for quota.


Individual Sport

Example – Alpine Skiing:


Provincial Games Quota for Alpine:  42 athletes (example only)

Total # of athletes participating at Prov Qual across Prov = 100

Conference 2 # of athletes participating at Prov Qualifier = 30

Conference 2 will be assigned 30% of the Alpine quota for provincial games.

Conference 2 quota for Alpine = 30% x 42 = 14 athletes


Team Sports


Every Conference Competition designated as a provincial qualifier will be allocated one quota. If provincial games quota for team sports is higher than the number of Provincial Qualifiers, the remaining quota spots will be proportionally divided amongst the conferences with the highest percentage of teams participating.


Example – Curling:


Provincial Games Quota for Curling: 16 (example only)

Six Conference Competitions were designated as Provincial Qualifiers. Each PQ is automatically given 1 Quota. The additional 10 quotas are assigned based on the percentage of teams that participated.

            # of teams    % of participation    Quota

Conference 1        11        16.2            2

Conference 2         9        13.2            2

Conference 3        14        20.6            3

Conference 4        11        16.2            2

Conference 5        11        16.2            2

Conference 6        12        17.6            2


One quota will be reserved for the host community.

The remaining 2 quotas will be allocated based on teams standings in Conference 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.