Competition Host Committee Roles

Competition Host Committee Roles

Successfully hosting a competition means bringing together volunteers and representatives from various levels: the competition host from the local community, members of the Sport Specific Conference, sport technical delegates, and staff from Special Olympics Ontario. Roles may vary depending on the level of competition, ie. invitational versus Provincial Qualifier. 

The following are brief descriptions of the possible sub-committees included on the hosting committee.   


Competition Host

Responsible for the overall operation of the competition and host committee.

  • Ensures all members are aware of their responsibilities and time deadlines
  • Prepares competition budget and pays all invoices
  • Liaises with Community Council, Sport Specific Conference Team and SOO when applicable
  • Books facility(s)
  • Prepares Competition Evaluation
  • Prepares Emergency Action Plan and is responsible for risk management

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Determines need for event volunteers
  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment
  • Host orientation for volunteers
  • Responsible for volunteer recognition


When running GMS you will need 2-3 volunteers working on results.

For team sports normally the Competition Host can monitor and post results.


Put together a committee that will work on soliciting sponsors or donations for the event.


  • Responsible for compiling and distributing registration packages
  • Receives all registration and paperwork from clubs
  • Provide committee members with the information they require from the registration packages
  • Assemble Coaches packages that will be handed out the day of the event
  • Register athletes and coaches when they arrive at the event

Meals & Accommodations*

*If applicable

  • Arrange nutritious snacks and meals for during the competition (if applicable)
  • Ensure sufficient amount of water is available
  • Recommend accommodation options in the area, if needed

Sport Technical

  • Knowledge of rules and regulations of the sport
  • Secure necessary equipment
  • Attain officials
  • Set up competition schedule
  • Responsible for divisioning
  • Oversee Results and Awards volunteers

Awards & Ceremonies

  • Brief opening and closing ceremonies (if applicable)
  • Acquisition and distribution of all awards/ribbons

Public Relations

  • Coordinate overall promotion and publicity for the event
  • Responsible for all media relations