Coaches Package

Coaches Package


A Coaches Package should be given out during the coach meeting at the beginning of the Provincial Qualifier competition. Listed below is the information that should be included in the Coaches Package:

  • Competition Format and Schedule
  • Heat sheets and/or final schedule
  • SOO Rules (supplements if needed)
  • SOO Divisioning Policy 7000-200
  • Facility map including location of Emergency Personnel, Emergency Phones etc.
  • Protest Form
  • Team roster requirements/ Scratch Sheet
  • Identification of First Aid Personnel
  • Accident / Incident Report Forms
  • Competition Evaluation Form

For Provincial Qualifiers:

  • Athlete Selection Criteria for Provincial Games policy 7000-304 (Individual Sport) OR 7000-306 (Team Sports)
  • Quota allocation for Provincial Games (from this resource)


Team roster Verification (Team sports)


Please provide the Head Coach with a copy of their submitted roster. The coach is asked to make changes if necessary, provide a signature to verify the final roster and submit the final roster back to the competition host prior to the start of the competition. The final roster must be legible, include each athlete’s first and last name and must include the athlete’s SOO registration number. The final roster can only include athletes who are competing on the day of the competition.


All team rosters must meet the minimum and maximum requirements for the specific sport.  Please refer to the sport rules for each sport.


Coach Verification (All Sports)


During registration, all coaches are asked to verify their attendance by signing the team roster or “Coach Sign In Sheet”.