National Games Mission Staff Position Description

National Games Mission Staff Position Description




To ensure that all Team Ontario members have a successful and fulfilling experience at the National Winter Games. To assist with the overall management of Team Ontario.


Positions Available


  • Sport specific mission staff
  • General mission staff
  • Medical Mission Staff


Qualifications/Skills Required


All mission staff must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Outstanding leadership abilities
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Managerial experience
  • Past experience in a Games environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills
  • Must be a member in good standing with SOO and the community council
  • Sport Specific Mission Staff: NCCP certifications equivalent to the head coach positions (see CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS)
  • Medical mission staff – minimum qualifications as a R.P.N. and / or Athletic Therapist certification
  • Attendance at the proceeding Provincial Games will be considered an asset


General Responsibilities


  • Be available to attend the National Games
  • To work with Chef De Mission, Team Manager and Coaches to ensure the effective management and operation of Team Ontario
  • Conduct oneself in accordance with the conditions outlined in Team Ontario Mission Staff Agreement Form, Special Olympics Ontario Policy 7000-201 Travelling Teams – Roles and Responsibilities, and the SOO Code of Conduct
  • Act as a role model for all Team Ontario Members
  • Attend the Coaches Training Camp
  • Attend Mission Staff meetings either in person or via conference call
  • To assist the Provincial Team Liaison in your area with the travel and uniform logistics
  • Ensure that the athlete and coaches code of conduct is abided by all Team Ontario Members
  • Ensure that all coaches are effectively performing their roles and responsibilities both before and during the Games
  • Travel to and from the Games with Team Ontario and stay on site at the Athletes Village with team
  • Assist in the supervision of the athletes while travelling to and from the games and possibly during games
  • Attend all Team Management meetings while at the games
  • Notify Chef de Mission and Team Manager of any athlete or coach accidents / incidents and provide complete documentation of those events
  • Be on call 24 hours a day during games
  • Prepare a final report regarding the structure and organization of these Games upon return with recommendations for future Games


Sport Specific Mission Staff


  • Will be considered the Head Coach for the sport
  • Will review all technical packages and rules and provide feedback to the Chef de Mission and GOC
  • Will attend the Sport Technical Conference Calls prior to the Games
  • Will distribute all technical packages and rules to all coaches
  • Will organize a Sport Specific Training Camp prior to games (as needed)
  • Attend head coach meetings while at the games
  • Assist coaches with the submission of protest forms if needed
  • Assess and evaluate venue needs of team members and forward to Chef de Mission
  • Provide guidance and support the team coaches and athletes to ensure a positive games experience
  • If needed, assist with athlete and coach selection and endorsement
  • Will complete performance evaluations on all coaches in your sport



Must meet certification requirements as laid out for Head Coaches attending National Games.    


Medical Mission Staff


  • Responsible for learning the history of the athlete’s medical needs or medical conditions, if uncertain, make contact with the athlete’s care giver or doctor for clarification or consultation
  • Responsible for receiving all medication information for each athlete including: dosage and times, self-administered or assisted, proper storage of medication etc
  • Confirm the location of the medical facilities within each venue, accommodation facility and the hospitals/medical clinics within the city.  Confirm the hours of operation for each facility. Inform the Head Coaches of the location of medical services
  • If necessary, escort Team Ontario members to medical facilities and advocate on behalf of the team member for the provision of treatment
  • If necessary, communicate with team member’s family/care giver regarding medical treatments etc.
  • Athletic Therapists will be responsible for the treatment and monitoring of sport related injuries and will maintain contact with coaches to ensure the athlete returns to play at the appropriate time


General Mission Staff: could include any of the following


  • Fundraising and Sponsorship – monitor all fundraising and sponsorship for team
  • Media and Public Relations – all media and PR communications, Team Website, Athlete Bios
  • Family Liaison – maintain ongoing communication with families attending games
  • Transportation Liaison – assist with the travel logistics for the team
  • Uniform Liaison – assist with the uniform logistics for the team


Volunteers may find the daily schedule at National Games very strenuous. The pace is often “non-stop” and will often last the entire 7 days. There is very little opportunity to rest during the day and the meal times, competition times and ceremonial events are all scheduled to very specific timelines. In addition, team members are often in a “hurry up and wait” scenario which can be quite stressful to some people.


The Mission Staff position is very demanding both physically and mentally and for this reason, we require all team members to be in Excellent Health to attend Games.  Volunteers who are not in excellent health or who are not able to maintain a fast paced schedule for 7 days should not apply for this position.




Coaches who attended the Provincial Games (either as a Coach, RTM, Mission Staff or GOC member) are eligible to apply for National Games.


Job Requirements


  • Must have direct access to computer, internet and email
  • Must have own vehicle and valid driver’s license
  • Must have the ability to drive rental vehicles at location of games
  • Must have access to a personal cell phone while at the games


Date and Location




Duration of the Job


The position is normally one year in length.




This position is responsible to the President and C.E.O. of Special Olympics Ontario, via the Chef De Mission.