Coach and Volunteer Roles

Coach and Volunteer Roles


Volunteers are the backbone of Special Olympics Ontario. We have 11290 coaches and volunteers working to provide sport and competition opportunities to 23468 athletes in 116 communities around the province. Our volunteers organize, run and fundraise to provide our athletes the opportunity to participate in 2396 sport programs in schools and communities across Ontario.


Our volunteer positions and opportunities are varied and if a volunteer has the desire to help individuals that have an intellectual disability then Special Olympics Ontario has a position they can fill.


We have volunteer opportunities at the club, community, district and provincial levels.


Special Olympics Ontario has 18 Sanctioned sports. Volunteers interested in coaching can fill Head Coach or Assistant Coaching positions at the club level. All of our coaches are required to complete minimum NCCP course components. If a volunteer is interested in coaching a sport program that is not offered in their community they should connect with their community council to discuss the possibility of starting the program up.


Administrative positions at the community level are varied, for a more detailed description of each position and how a community council works please review the Volunteer Opportunities section of this resource.