7000-401 Team Identification to National Games

7000-401 National Games: Team Sport Identification Criteria for Advancement to National Games

Review Date: February 2021                 

Effective Date: January 2022

Special Olympics Canada has implemented the Pan Canadian Policies for all chapters.


Due to the size of Special Olympics Ontario programs and to ensure the most equitable competition environment within Ontario, Special Olympics Ontario reserves the right to implement the following exceptions/additions:

Athlete/Team Endorsement

While point results may be available at the conclusion of the Provincial Games a final decision on athlete identification necessitates a great deal of consultation between SOO, Community Coordinators, Educators (for School Based Teams), Club Coaches, and Parents or Guardians. The athlete evaluation from the Provincial Games is also consulted.

Due to the demands that are put on athletes at National Games and the fact that the experience should be enjoyable for all involved, athletes should have demonstrated the ability to cope with the pressures involved in traveling, staying in the designated Athlete’s Village, competing and being removed from their usual environment for up to a one week period. With this in mind, athletes who have demonstrated uncontrollable problems with social adaptation or behaviour, in the past, should not be endorsed. These athletes may deprive other team members of a pleasant and rewarding experience and place undue stress and responsibility upon coaches assigned to their supervision.

Upon receipt of the Athlete Endorsement List from SOO, the Program Consultant will proceed with the endorsement of the athletes in consultation with Club Coaches, Parents and Guardians to determine each athlete’s suitability as a National Competitor.


Use of Athlete Assistants at National Games

Special Olympics Canada does not allocate a quota for the use of Athlete Assistants at National Games. Athletes who attended Provincial Games with an Athlete Assistant are eligible for selection to National Games but must be able to attend National Games without the Athlete Assistant.

Athlete Code of Conduct

Athlete must be a member in good standing within their sport club and community. He/ she must be willing to adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct and Athlete Rights and Responsibilities.

The Athlete Code of Conduct can be found in the Resource Library.

Final Team Selection

Where the identification of athletes for National Games requires a decision which falls outside of circumstances outlined above, the Chef De Mission shall consult with the SOO Program Services Team and District Developer to make a final determination. All decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

No athlete, coach, volunteer or parent/guardian shall presume that an athlete has been identified to compete at National Games until an ‘OFFICIAL’ Team list is distributed by Special Olympics Ontario.

Any individual who informs the athlete that he or she has been identified prior to the official notification from SOO will assume responsibility for his/her actions.

Once Provincial Team members are announced, competitors will be registered in events according to their results achieved at the sport specific Provincial Games preceding the National Games.

Identification Appeal Process

Athletes will have the opportunity to appeal the identification process.  Please see the Appeal Policy for more information.