7000-311 High Performance Quota

7000-311 High Performance Quotas for Provincial Games (Individual Sports)

Review Date:    February 2019          Effective Date:  February 23, 2018

When possible, up to a maximum of five percent of additional quota will be added for each individual sport to be used as High Performance (HP) quota. In order to qualify for a HP quota spot an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have competed at the Provincial Qualifier
  • Must have competed in both the prelim and final of a qualifying event at the Provincial Qualifier
  • Must meet the time/distance standard for at least one event (time/distance standards will be set to be within 5% of the fastest time/ longest distance achieved at the previous National Games for each gender)
  • Must not have been identified for advancement during the first round of endorsements for the Provincial Games

All athletes that meet the above criteria will be ranked by gender regardless of age or which event they achieve the time/distance standard in. The rankings will reflect the percentage difference between the achieved time/distance standard and the previous National Games results.

The HP quota will be divided between the two genders based on overall gender percentage of participation numbers for all of the Provincial Qualifiers.

Athletes will be ranked based on their performance (fastest time/longest distance) and the quotas will be assigned starting with highest ranking athletes to the lowest ranking athletes. If there are quotas left over after all of the athletes have been identified to advance from one gender the quota will be transferred to the other gender.

If there is quota left over after all of the identified HP athletes have been identified to advance the remaining quota will not be used.