7000-305 Athlete Eligibility for Provincial Games

7000-305 Athlete Eligibility for Provincial Games

Review Date: February 2021                            

Effective Date: February 2021

In order to be eligible to advance to a Provincial Games each athlete must meet the following criteria:

Provincial Games Athlete Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Athlete Registration

    Each athlete must submit a completed Special Olympics Ontario athlete registration form

  2. Age

    The athlete must be 10 years of age or older as of the first day of Provincial Games

  3. Sport Club Registration

    Each athlete must be registered with a Special Olympics Ontario sport/athletic club in the specific sport he/she is competing in

  4. Provincial Qualifier

    The athlete must participate in a Provincial Qualifier. Athletes participating in Adapt events at the Provincial Qualifier are not eligible for advancement to Provincial Games

    Team Sports

    The athlete must participate in all competitive aspects of the a Provincial Qualifier. Including the divisioning round and competitive games. Athletes must be present and participating during the entire Provincial Qualifier.

Athletes that are deemed medically unfit to participate at a Provincial Qualifier, either during the course of the Provincial Qualifier by onsite medical personnel, or by providing a Doctor’s note to Special Olympics Ontario prior to the qualifier, will maintain their spot on the team roster for purposes of advancement.  If necessary, medical clearance may be required for the athlete to participate at the Provincial Games.

  1. Training Time

    The athlete must have trained within the sport or a minimum of 2 sport seasons prior to the Provincial Qualifiers

    To verify athlete eligibility, each athlete must appear on a Special Olympics Ontario athlete eligibility list by the Provincial Games Eligibility Deadline in year one of the 2 year eligibility timeline, which is January 1st for winter sports, by February 1st  for spring sports and July 1st for summer sports.

For a complete outline of the 2 year eligibility policy please see policy 7000-212.

Immediately following the Athlete Registration Deadline a print out identifying all athletes registered in that sport within each District will be distributed to the District Developer.  Athletes’ names must appear on this list in order to be eligible to advance and participate in the Provincial Games.

Athletes not registered by the deadline and whose names do not appear on the eligibility list are prohibited from participating in Provincial Games.  Community Councils and club coaches are directed to consult the Athlete Eligibility lists during the Athlete Endorsement Process to confirm that athletes are eligible prior to informing athletes that they will be attending the Provincial Games.

A coach or administrative volunteer who informs an athlete that he/she will be attending a Provincial Games prior to consulting the Athlete Eligibility list will assume responsibility for that action.

Exemption Process

Communities may apply for an exemption in cases where their sanctioned Provincial Qualifying competitions are cancelled, in whole or in part, for reasons beyond anyone’s control (i.e. inclement weather, transportation issues, epidemics and acts of God). In these cases, Communities must apply, in writing to the Competition Developer no later than seven days following the cancellation of the qualifying competition event in question. The exemption request should describe the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the qualifying competition.

The Program Services Team will review the exemption request and render a decision.

If the exemption is granted, athletes will be eligible to compete in all events they were registered to compete in at the cancelled Provincial qualifying competition.

5-Pin and 10-Pin Bowling

For 5-pin and 10-pin bowling, the athlete must have bowled the minimum of games (see SOO rulebook) to be eligible for advancement to Provincial Games.  The minimum number of games must be bowled by May 1st of the qualifying year.

Athletes with Down Syndrome

Athletes who have Down Syndrome and have not had an x ray or neurological examination for Atlanto axial instability are ineligible from participating in the sports/events of: butterfly stroke and diving starts in swimming, pentathlon, high jump, powerlifting, basketball, soccer, and alpine skiing.  Those athletes who have tested positive in the above examinations are also ineligible in the preceding sports/events, unless the examining physician has notified the athlete’s parents or guardians of the nature and extent of the individual’s condition and, such athlete shall be allowed to participate in the activities listed only if the athlete submits written certification from two physicians combined with an acknowledgement of risks and signed by the adult athlete or his/her parent or guardian if the athlete is a minor.