7000-303 Team Quota Allocation for Provincial Games

7000-303 Provincial Games: Team Quota Allocation

Review Date: February 2021                

Effective Date: February 2021

Team Quotas shall be allocated according to the Policy Detail outlined below:

Calculation for Games Quota

The calculation is determined by the total number of teams participating in each sport, at the Provincial Qualifiers.

This percentage is then applied to the total number of teams that have been assigned to the Games.

One team quota will be reserved for the host community of the Provincial Games. The team must compete at the Provincial Qualifier and must meet all the minimum requirements for team eligibility and endorsement to be identified for Provincial Games.


If teams are not training or do not meet other criteria, i.e. Roster Submission deadlines, etc., unused quotas must be reallocated.

Reallocated quotas will be distributed to the Provincial Qualifier with the highest participation percentage.

See calculation example below….

Team Sport

Provincial Games Quota = 16 teams total

Conference # Teams % of part’n % of Quota # teams
A 13 21.67% 3.47 4
B 12 20.00% 3.2 3
C 11 18.33% 2.93 3
D 13 21.67% 3.47 3
E 11 18.33% 2.93 3
Total 60
16.00 16

# Teams = Total Number of teams that attended the Provincial Qualifier (excluding Adapt)

% of Part’n = Percentage of teams compared to all Provincial Qualifiers

(3 divided by 60 x 100) = 5.0%

% of Quota = Percentage multiplied by the Total Quota Available (16)

(5 % x 16) = 0.8

# of Teams = Previous number rounded up/down to make a whole number

0.8 = 1 team

Please note that in case of a tie as shown on the chart for A &D tie breakers for quota allocation can be found in policy 7000-306.