7000-102: Use Of Service Dog

7000-102: Use of a service dog


Special Olympics Ontario welcomes the use of trained Service Dogs at all sanctioned events and activities.

A Service Dog is defined as a dog that has completed a training program though an accredited Assistance Dog organization.

When a registered SOO member would like to bring their Service Dog with them to a SOO program or event they must:

  • Provide SOO with the proof of completion from an accredited assistance dog training program.
  • Ensure that the dog is in good health, has up to date vaccinations and license and adequate insurance
  • Indicate who will be responsible for the dog
  • Pay for any financial implications regarding the training, use and care of the service dog
  • As recommended by accredited assistance dog training programs, the owner should always carry identification of the dog, or have the dog wear its badge

Special Olympics Ontario may limit, remove or exclude from sanctioned programs, activities or events, any Service Dog if it poses a direct threat to the health or safety of our members, causes significant disruptions of our programs or otherwise jeopardizes the safe operation of a facility or event. Examples of such include, but are not limited to:

  • Urinates or defecates in inappropriate locations;
  • Vocalizes unnecessarily, (i.e. barking, growling or whining);
  • Shows aggression towards people or other animals;
  • Solicits or steals food or other items from participants;
  • Is unable to perform reliably the service for which it has been approved;
  • Is not under the full control of the member with the disability or the designated handler;
  • Is a public health threat as a result of being infested with parasites or having a communicable disease of the skin, mouth or eyes;
  • Is unclean and unsanitary.