Day of Competition Requirements

Day of Competition Requirements


Welcome the volunteers and teams as they arrive at the venue.

  • Hand out registration package
  • Receive any outstanding registration payments
  • Collect team scratch sheets
  • Have volunteers sign off on the Team Roster is applicable

Volunteer Orientation

Prior to the start of the competition gather all of the event volunteers:

  • Thank them for volunteering!
  • Give them their assignments and t-shirts if applicable
  • Have the Head Official provide them with any necessary information
  • Orient them to their responsibilities, the facility and information they need to know (lunch etc)

Set up Committees

Appoint 3 people to sit on the protest committee and arrange your divisioning committee.

Games Management System (Individual Sports)

Have volunteers trained on GMS (or another appropriate computer program) set up in the results room to be used for divisioning and award placement.

Coaches Meeting

Hold the Coaches Meeting during warm ups- make sure the time and location is included in the registration package all teams receive.

Cover the following topics:

  • Competition format and schedule
  • Rules that will be implemented, have the head official there is applicable
  • How divisioning is going to be handled
  • Information regarding the EAP
  • Venue/ Event specific details
  • How awards will be handled

Opening Ceremonies

Many competitions like to have a short opening ceremonies. You can include the following:

  • Welcome and greetings
  • Have an athlete recite the Athlete’s Oath
  • National Anthem
  • Parade of athletes (if convenient)

Divisioning (must be done at conference competition or PQ)

Divisioning is to be done in accordance with SOO policy.

  • Individual sports- to utilize preliminary events
  • Team sports- to utilize a divisioning round

For more information regarding what divisioning must be done at your competition please connect with the SOO Sport and Competition Developer.


Ensure there is plenty of water available throughout the day. Snacks and lunch can be made available if you choose. Please note that food will not be covered by SOO if you seek to have a deficit covered through a competition grant.


  • Awards presentation (if applicable)
  • Thank you
  • Wrap up

Tear Down

Venue break down and clean up.

Ensure all results and competition information is forwarded to the SOO Sport & Competition Developer.