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Portal Account Creation Instructions for Already Registered Athlete

If you have never accessed your profile on the Membership Portal / Requested to change your Portal Email Address

Follow the Link:

to Create your Portal Account

Step 1 – Fill out your Information

Select Registration from Portal Home screen

In Registration Screen:

Select SO Ontario from Your Chapter/Province/Territory field drop-down

Fill out Your Information fields. Filled in information must match with which you are already  registered in database.

Select Athlete from TELL US WHO YOU ARE….

Click on Register – Validate Member

Note: First Name, Last Name and Email have to match exactly to your profile in the Special Olympics Membership System. If you are not sure about your information that you have to enter in the registration fields, ask your community/head coach/team manage.

Step 2 – Confirmation Window with Portal invitation Link

You will get confirmation window that system has found you and has sent an email with a link. Check your email, copy and paste link in your browser to complete portal registration.

Note: If you do not find system email in your Inbox, please check your Junk folder

Step 3 – Complete Portal Registration

Copy and paste link in your browser to complete portal registration.

In Registration window

Enter your Email in Verify Email field

Enter Password twice in the provided fields

Click on Register

Your account has been created and your landing page will have all options to view / update your profile

Select My Roles tab from Blue Menu

Step 4 – Select your Role

Select your Role by clicking on Continue in Participant Role Window. (Until you select a role, you will only see the “My” account links on the right which every account holder sees) 

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