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New Athlete Registration by Parent/Guardian

To register an athlete who is under 18 or not able to register itself on Portal, there is an option where parent/guardians can register them. System will create Parent/Child relationship which will allow parents/guardians to manage their own profile as well as their  child/children profile with one email.

Copy and paste following URL in browser:

From Home screen select Athlete – Join Program

From the following window

Select SO Ontario from Your Chapter/Provinces/Territory field

Select Someone else button form Are you filling this application for yourself or someone else? options

Fill out your information (parent/guardian) in Your Information section

Fill out Athlete information in Participant Information Section

Click on Next Step – Validate Member

Note: Your email and your child email should be same to create parent/child relationship by the system

You will get system message that Profile Not Found in the following window

Click Next Step – Waivers

The Legal Waivers window will be auto populated with all Yes to I Agree. First 3 waivers have to be Yes. You have option to select No in the fourth one. Once you finished selection click on Next Step – Program Search

In the following window

Select SO Ontario from Your Chapter/Provinces/Territory field

Select your Region name from Region field

Select your Community Name from Community field

Select Sport form Sport field in which your athlete wish to enroll

Click on Search, you will get club name in the Search Results section

To view the details of the Club click on the Edit button beside the name of club

Note: to get list of all registered clubs in your community, do not select Sport in search criteria

To enroll in a club Select the Check Box beside the name of club and click Next Step – Member Profile

In the Main Information window below, fill out appropriate info and click Next Step – Address

Note: you must have to fill out Mandatory fields otherwise system will not let you move to the next step

Fill out Primary Address, Secondary if any. Then click Next Step – Criminal Record

In Criminal Record window you must have to declare if athlete have any criminal offence, then click Next Step – Medical Information

In Medical Information window, fill out all necessary info (including mandatory fields). Add Medical Condition if any, by clicking on Add button. Then click on Next Step – Emergency Contacts

In Emergency Contacts window click on Add to enter contacts info (2 EC are recommended). In  pop up Emergency Contact window fill out all fields including mandatory fields and click Submit. 

You will see EC created in the window, add 2nd EC. Then click Next Step – Member Training

In Member Training window click on Add to add training info, if any, then click Next Step – Participant Profile

Fill out Participant Additional Information, specifically Intellectual Disability & Living Situation fields and click on Next Step – Enrollments Details

Review Enrollment Info and Enrollment Fee for this club and click on Next Step – Payment Information

As Ontario is not collecting online Payment, so you have to pay Enrollment fee to Team Manager / Head Coach / Treasure on or before 1st practice. Then click on Submit Enrollment.

You will get Confirmation window and and confirmation email and you will be advised to get Register on Portal.

Note: If you do not find email in your mail box, check your Junk folder and make it as Not Junk.

After registration on Portal, you will not be able to see your profile/enrollments till they have been approved by your club.

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