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New Athlete Registration by Parent/Guardian

To register an athlete who is under 18 or not able to register itself on Portal, there is an option where parent/guardians can register them. System will create Parent/Child relationship which will allow parents/guardians to manage their own profile as well as their  child/children profile with one email.

Copy and paste following URL in browser:

If you are New Parent/Guardian, to register your Athlete (Child/Siblings), Parent/Guardian MUST have to Register on the portal prior to register Your athlete.

Step 1 –  For New Parent/Guardian registration

From Home Screen Select Registration

Step 2 – From Registration Screen

Select SO Ontario from Your Chapter/Province/Territory Field

Enter your information, First Name, Last Name, DOB and valid email address in Your Information section (Parent’s information)

Select Parent/Guardian from Tell Us Who You Are... section

Click on Register – Validate Member

Step 3 – Create Portal Account

System did not find you and will prompt you to create your Portal Account.

Enter your email in Reenter Email field

Enter password twice in the Password & Repeat Password fields

Click Register

Note – System will not send you any confirmation email. You will be able to login with this email and password in portal any time after you logout.

After registration your landing page will be your Family Admin Role window

Register New Family Athlete

Step 1 – To register new Athlete, Select Add Athlete Enrollment form Pink Menu

Select Yes from Are you the Legal Guardian field

Select SO Ontario from Your Chapter/Province/Territory filed

Enter First Name, Last Name and DOB of your Athlete

Enter Email Address if athlete has otherwise leave it blank

Click Next Step – Validate Member

System is not able to find athlete in database. To proceed further, click on Next Step – Waivers

Step 2 – Legal Waivers

You must agree to Participation Waivers, Privacy Policy & Code of Conduct Confirmation by selecting Yes in order to proceed to Next Step – Program Search

You have options to pick your options in Media Release Opt-Out & Communications section

Click Next Step – Program Search


Step 3 – Program Search

In the following window

Select SO Ontario from Your Chapter/Provinces/Territory field

Select your Region name from Region field

Select your Community Name from Community field

Select Sport form Sport field in which your athlete wish to enroll

Click on Search, you will get list of  club name in the Search Results section

If you wish to see the details of clubs, click Edit button beside club name, a window will open to show the details of the club

Note: to get list of all registered clubs in your community, do not select Sport in search criteria

To enroll in a club Select the Check Box beside the name of club and click Next Step – Member Profile


Step 4 – Member Profile

A multi tab Participant Profile window will open. Red Tabs have mandatory fields so you will not be able to more forward until you filled out these fields. Add appropriate information in all tabs. Do not forget to Submit at the end on each tab to save updates.

Read notes carefully provided at top/bottom of the page.

In Participant Profile Tab, add appropriate information.

Make sure to select Yes in Intellectual Disability? field.

Then Select Next Step – Enrollment Details

Step 5 – Enrollment Details

This window will provide the detail of enrollment. After reviewing information, click Next Step – Payment Information

Step 6 – Payment Information

This window will show how much you have to pay as an enrollment fee if you already have not paid yet. If all good, click Submit Enrollment

Step 7 – Confirmation Window

Following window confirms the success of application submission. Athlete will get confirmation email if email address is provided in its profile.

If you have to enroll this athlete in another program, you can add now by selecting New Enrollment. You can add enrollment in fewer steps.

Step 8 – See your New Athlete Registration

Select Family Linked Participants Tab to view your newly registered Athlete

Step 9 – View Submitted Enrollment for New Athlete

Select Enrollment History tab to view enrollment of your New Athlete.

This enrollment will be viewed by Community/Program registrar to approve it based on the vacancy in the program.

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