Welcome to the Central Ontario District!

We provide quality sport training programs and competitions for athletes living with an intellectual disability in the district of Central Ontario.

If you're an athlete, a coach, or a volunteer, or thinking of becoming one, check us out and learn about the exciting opportunities that we have to offer.

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Summer is here!

Keep on top of track meets and tournaments for bocce, golf, soccer and softball at SOO's Provincial Calendar:

Be familiar with SOO's two-year eligibility policy for competitive athletes who would like to be considered for advancement beyond the 2020 Summer Provincial Qualifiers:



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Communities across the province are always in need of new volunteers. Whether as coaches, organizers, fundraisers or event volunteers, the over 19,000 Special Olympics Athletes in Ontario depend on the passion and commitment of the over 9,000 volunteers that operate clubs and guide communities and committees. Below is a listing of volunteer opportunities in your district.

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