Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Camp will my child be placed at and how do we register when placed?

Special Olympics Ontario will look at the availability on your child's application, along with program type preference, activity experience, and interests. Based on this information we will look for a program that will best support these preferences. Once matched with a program, Special Olympics will contact you via email to connect you with information on the placement program and the camp’s registration process. You will register your child directly with the camp after we have confirmed a spot.

Will everyone receive a camp placement?

We may not have a spot that fits your preferences and availability. Please include as much information as possible on the application to increase the opportunity of a program match. As the program launches we have limit spots, its best to apply early!

How much will camp cost?

Many of our partner camps are generously supporting program placements to reduce financial barriers. Each program placement will have a different cost per week and vary in length. Costs for day programs per week range from $100 to $300(+). Overnight programs per week range from $300 to $1,000(+). All of these costs are subject to change. Please indicate on your application if you require financial assistance.

How can I prepare my child for camp?

Many camps will provide ‘packing resources’, schedules and important memos before arrival at camp, however specific resources will differ by camp. It is important to consider the weather forecast for the week of camp your child is attending as well as the activities they may participate in when packing for camp

It is also important to check your child for lice prior to arrival at camp. Individual camps will have differing protocols to treat lice or may be unable to treat it at all. It’s better to be safe than sorry! If you are not sure what to look for, or need directions to treat lice please visit the Lice Squad website here.

When will we hear back about our application?

You can expect to hear from the Special Olympics Ontario Camps team within two weeks. We will follow up to let you know if we have a placement available, if we are holding onto to your application while we continue to look for a program match, or if for this season we do not have a fit. Please email, if at any time, your availability preferences changes.

Does my child need to be a Special Olympic athlete to apply?

No previous experience with Special Olympics Ontario necessary. The Unified Camps Program is a great place to start!

How will I know that my child’s needs will be supported at camp?

Once placed in a program, Special Olympics Ontario will connect you to the camp. It is important to share as much as possible about your child’s routines, likes, dislikes, and required support. That way, you can together come up with a plan to best set your child up for camp. Our partner camps are excited to be working with Special Olympics Ontario and in turn, your child. The more you can share in advance, the better.

Is one-to-one support provided?

Although we cannot guarantee one-to one support, many of our partner camps are willing and able to provide it to campers who would benefit from some added direction! The level of support available will vary by camp. Some camps may request additional information throughout the registration process to provide the best one-to-one and large group care to your child as possible.

What if my child has specific dietary restriction or allergy?

Most of our partner camps are able to accommodate for a wide variety of dietary restrictions (Gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, etc.) as well as common allergens. If your child has a very specific requirement, please note it on your application form and we will work with you and the camp to find an appropriate solution.

My child has never been to camp, can they still apply?

Yes! We encourage you to try camp out to foster growth and independence in a supported environment. Once you receive a placement and are connected with the camp, please reach out to the program to discuss strategies to get your child ready for their camp experience.

How do I get my summer camp involved?

We would love to hear about your camp! Please fill out the Future Interests form or send your contact information to and a member of our team will follow up shortly.

Future Interests Form
What if I can’t drive my child to camp?

Most overnight camps that we are partnered with have transportation opportunities from areas closer to the city, for an extra fee (ranging from $30 to $75 one way). Specific drop off and pick up locations will vary by camp. Please let us know on your application if you would benefit from utilizing camp bus transportation.

Are there exceptions to the age to apply?

Our partner camps serve a range of ages. Most of the sports we have available are between ages 6 to 18. However, we have a few spots for those 18+

Does my child have to love sports to attend?

They just need to be willing to be active. While many of our partner programs offer sport specific camp streams (like basketball, track, soccer, swimming, canoeing, dance etc.), many also offer more traditional programs that combine arts-based programing with sports.

Are there camp opportunities outside of the summer?

Yes. We are looking to host a Unified Camps Championship each fall. Keep an eye on our website for information on how to register. As the unified camps program is just beginning, we anticipate growing the program to include dates such as March Break.

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