Yazmine Wilson-Daponte: A Decade of Excellence in Special Olympics Sports

Yazmine Wilson-Daponte has been an athlete with Special Olympics for 10 years, and during that time, she has participated in numerous sports such as Athletics, Basketball, Bocce, Curling, Soccer, and Swimming. She is an accomplished athlete from the Dufferin community in Orangeville. 

What Yazmine loves most about Special Olympics is the opportunity to spend time with her friends while participating in the sports she loves. To her, Special Olympics means being able to play sports without any boundaries and without being judged by her appearance or abilities. 

One of her most memorable moments in Special Olympics was when she competed at the 2019 International Youth Games. There, she earned Gold, Silver, Bronze, and 4th place medals, and was incredibly proud of her accomplishments. To her, this event showed that she can do anything she sets her mind to. 

To donors and supporters of Special Olympics, Yazmine would like to express her gratitude for the support and acceptance they have given her. She thanks them for not making fun of her, and for the gift of sports which has allowed her to grow and thrive as an athlete.