Unleashing Potential: Franck Koffi’s Journey of Sports and Belonging

Meet Franck Koffi, a dedicated athlete from Ontario who has been involved in Special Olympics for 12 years. Franck participates in athletics and soccer, but his passion lies in playing basketball. For Franck, Special Olympics is not just a place where he can play sports, but also a community where he has made lifelong friends who have in turn become his family.  

Special Olympics means a lot to Franck as it allows him to be himself and improve his skills. His best memory of Special Olympics was playing on the Unified Team for the NBA All-Stars weekend in 2017 in New Orleans.  

If there was one thing Franck would like to say to donors and supporters of Special Olympics, it's “Unity is strength.” Without their kindness and support, athletes like Franck wouldn't be able to compete and enjoy the sports they love.