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Group Homes & Group Home Coordinators – Introduction

Self Service Membership Portal has feature to create Group Homes and provide access to its registered athletes to  Group Home Coordinator

How to create a Group Home?

Group home is an entity in database and will be created by DBA like other organizations. Community has to provide group home info to create  group home in database. Group Homes can request to set up their group home by submitting Group Home Registration Form

Info required:

Group Home Name



Fax (if any)

Contact Person (Group Home Coordinator – GHC)

How athletes will be added to Group home?

Already registered athletes:

  • DBA will add athletes to the group home after creating new group home (communities need to provide list of athlete who belongs to this group home)
  • Data Admins will be able to add them in group homes through Participant Profile

New Athletes

  • New athlete registration process will allow them to select appropriate group home if it is already registered in database.

GHC will be able to see only those athletes which are attached to its group home.


Group Home Coordinator

This Role will have portal access to its group home athletes only

If GHC is not volunteer with SOO,  this member will not be counted in statistics.

When athlete will moves to another group home, athlete will be transferred to new Group Home and previous GHC will lose access to this athlete & its history.

Info required to create Group Home Coordinator

All basic info that we need for a volunteer including Portal Email address (all athletes can have the same group home email or their personal)

Police Check – if this person is employee of the group home, we don’t need police check

What GHC will be able to do for athletes?

See the Group Home Coordinator Role instructions

To Register a group home fill out the following form:

Group Home Registration Form

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