Special Olympics Ontario athletes compete at Canada Summer Games

The Canada Summer Games took place in Niagara, Ontario from August 6th – 21st. 11 Special Olympics athletes from Ontario competed at the games. Taylor Bennett, Shannon Swinson, Blair Bastien, Owen Konkle, Matthew Heldsinger, and Hudson Booth were on the Athletics Ontario team and competed in the 100m and 200m running events. Katie Xu, Emily Skulj, Rose Hewitt, Gael Shindano, Austin Daleman competed from Swim Ontario in several events including 50m and 100m in Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke.  

All of the Special Olympics athletes are coming home proud of their achievements, some achieving personal bests, some earning medals, but all of them coming home with many fond memories and new friends from across the nation! Upon reflection, many of the athletes said that they were excited and happy to have made the Ontario Team for the Canada Games, but what was even more meaningful to them was the people they met and the unique experiences they had at the games.  

Congratulations to all of the athletes and coaches who participated in the games!  

Photo by Canada Summer Games Media

Athletics Results: 

100m Special Olympics Female (Tuesday 16, Friday 19) 

  •  5th – Taylor Bennett 
  •  6th – Shannon Swinson 
  •  9th – Blair Bastien 

100m Special Olympics Male (Tuesday 16, Friday 19) 

  • 5th – Owen Konkle 
  •  6th – Matthew Heldsinger 
  •  10th Hudson Booth 

200m Special Olympics Female (Wednesday 17, Saturday 20) 

  • 6th – Shannon Swinson 
  • 7th – Taylor Bennett 
  • 8th – Blair Bastien 

200m Special Olympics Male (Wednesday 17, Saturday 20) 

  • 4th – Owen Konkle 
  • 6th – Matthew Heldsinger 
  • 9th Hudson Booth 

Swimming Results: 

50m Freestyle Special Olympics Female (Thursday 11) 

  • 5th – Katie  Xu 
  • 7th – Emily Skulj 
  • 15th – Rose Hewitt 

50m Freestyle Special Olympics Male (Thursday 11) 

  • 6th – Gael Shindano 
  • 8th – Austin Daleman 

100m Freestyle Special Olympics Female (Monday 8) 

  • SILVER – Katie Xu 
  • 10th – Emily Skulj 
  • 15th – Rose Hewitt 

100m Freestyle Special Olympics Male (Monday 8) 

  • 6th – Gael Shindano 
  • 8th Austin Daleman 

50m Backstroke Special Olympics Female (Wednesday 10) 

  • BRONZE – Katie Xu 
  • 6th – Rose Hewitt 
  • 14th – Emily Skulj 

50m Backstroke Special Olympics Male (Wednesday 10) 

  • 5th – Gael Shindano 
  • 8th – Austin Daleman 

100m Backstroke Special Olympics Female (Tuesday 9) 

  • BRONZE – Katie Xu 
  • 6th – Rose Hewitt 
  • 14th – Emily Skulj 

100m Backstroke Special Olympics Male (Tuesday 9) 

  • 7th – Austin Daleman 

50m Breaststroke Special Olympics Female (Monday 8) 

  • GOLD – Katie Xu 
  • 7th – Rose Hewitt 
  • 14th – Emily Skulj 

50m Breaststroke Special Olympics Male (Monday 8) 

  • 8th – Gael Shindano 
  • 12th – Austin Daleman