Meet Sarah Thomas, superstar athlete with a heart of gold

Get ready to be amazed by Sarah Thomas, a resident of Whitby, Ontario who competing with Durham, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports! She has been participating in Special Olympics Ontario events for 13 years and has no intention of slowing down, engaging in various sports such as Athletics, 5-Pin Bowling, Golf and Figure Skating! 

For Sarah, Special Olympics events are not just about winning, she can often be found laughing and making friends with her fellow athletes. These events hold a special place in her heart as they provide her with a platform to showcase her athletic abilities. Throughout her years with Special Olympics Ontario, Sarah has created many fond memories. Some of her favorite memories involve her first skating competition, the “Rock the Rink” event, where she got to meet Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir and when she won a gold medal and got to stand on the podium!  

None of this would be possible without the incredible support of donors and supporters of Special Olympics Ontario. Their support has made Special Olympics an amazing experience for athletes like Sarah, allowing them to participate in the sports they love and create memories that will last a lifetime. Sarah is grateful for all that they do and looks forward to making more great memories in the future. So, keep an eye out for Sarah Thomas, because she's a superstar athlete with a heart of gold!