Jason’s Quest – Grant Application Form

What is Jason’s Quest?

Jason’s Quest was initiated by a Special Olympics athlete, Jason Scorcia.  Jason has been involved with Special Olympics for over 25 years.  Not only does he have a passion for sport, he is a true and enthusiastic advocate for the movement.  Jason’s Quest was Jason’s dream.  Its primary objective is to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics Ontario.  Jason is well known and respected by many in his hometown community of Caledon.  Fundraising comes naturally to him; he has a passion for helping and supporting others, ensuring fairness and equity for all.  Jason enjoys promoting the many benefits of being a Special Olympics athlete; he particularly enjoys welcoming newcomers to the movement. Mentoring athletes is also important to Jason.  He enjoys being a leader, showing and encouraging others how they can be more successful and confident in their everyday lives – this makes him feel very proud to be a Special Olympics athlete.

How does Jason’s Quest raise funds?

Jason’s Quest raises funds and awareness through a number of avenues, such as galas, auctions, general sponsorships, and its very creative fundraising initiative: Jason’s Quest Colouring Book.  All funds raised are passed directly to Special Olympics Ontario for deposit.  Special Olympics oversees acknowledgements and issuance of official receipts for income tax purposes.  Funds raised by Jason’s Quest are held in trust by Special Olympics Ontario, and annually Jason meets with Special Olympics Ontario to review and discuss the disbursement of funds.  Allocation and funding amounts are predicated on grant applications received from Special Olympics communities. Please complete the application form below to be considered as a beneficiary of funds.

Jason's Quest – Grant Application Form