From Local Star to International Competitor: Marc Richardson’s Special Olympics Journey

Meet Marc Richardson, a passionate athlete from the Guelph Wellington community who has been involved with Special Olympics for 17 years. Marc participates in a wide range of sports including 10-Pin Bowling, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, and Softball.  

For Marc, Special Olympics means being a part of a team and competing at his best level. He also looks forward to playing sports and meeting up with his friends.  

Marc's best Special Olympics memory was getting picked to be part of Team Canada and going to Germany. It was an incredible experience for him to represent his country and to compete at an international level.  

To the donors and supporters of Special Olympics, Marc would like to express his gratitude and say thank you for supporting Special Olympics. He says that without your support, none of this would have been possible. He also asserts that your contributions make a significant impact on the lives of athletes like Marc, allowing them to achieve their dreams and participate in sports that they love.