Embracing Inclusion: Danie Houle’s Inspiring Path through Special Olympics

Meet Danie Houle, an enthusiastic athlete from the Sudbury community who has been involved with Special Olympics for 20 years. Danie participates in 10-Pin Bowling and Powerlifting and has won first place in both of her competitions.  

For Danie, Special Olympics means acceptance, respect, and not feeling different. She most looks forward to spending time with her friends and being part of a community that supports her. Danie's best Special Olympics memory was winning first place in her 10-Pin Bowling and Powerlifting competitions. It was a proud moment for her to achieve her goals and be recognized for her hard work.  

To donors and supporters of Special Olympics, Danie would like to express her heartfelt gratitude for making her life happier. She states that the support and donations have allowed Danie to participate in sports that she loves, and to be part of a community that accepts and respects her. The contributions made by the donor and supporter make a significant difference in the lives of athletes like Danie, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.