Duane Carsons Powerful 35+ Year Journey With Special Olympics Continues…

Duane Carson has been a coach and volunteer for the Newmarket and Area Special Olympics for over 35 years. He is an active swim coach and the Provincial Convenor for swimming. Duane is dedicated to supporting athletes in their sports journeys. What Duane looks forward to most about Special Olympics is the camaraderie he experiences with the athletes. “They are so accepting and open-minded, I enjoy creating a comfortable environment that is free from judgment” says Duane. Coaching allows Duane to be his true self, he finds joy in helping athletes grow and develop their skills and not just in sports but in life as well.

Being a volunteer for Special Olympics means everything to Duane. He has the opportunity to share his knowledge and bring his skills to the table to help others. The time commitment may be substantial, but the rewards are immeasurable. Seeing an athlete improve and grow, both as a competitor and as a person, is what makes the experience so fulfilling. Duane's best Special Olympics memory was at the 2019 World Games in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, where he was a part of Team Canada and served as the Head Coach of the swim team. This was his first World Games experience, and the opening ceremony was a highlight that he will never forget. Duane will also be heading to the World Games in Berlin and will be a fish out of the water as he will be on the team Canada mission staff for powerlifting!

To the donors and supporters of Special Olympics, Duane would like to say thank you for supporting the athletes. With your help, they are able to compete in sports they love, learn new skills, gain confidence, and grow in countless ways.