Disability is not a barrier for greatness

Disability is not a barrier for greatness

  1. Garabedian

I am the proud mother of Dikran, an autistic young man who is exceptionally talented in music.  My wish is to help showcase people with disabilities and their talents in music.  I want everyone to know that a disability is not a barrier for greatness.  

When Dikran was three years old we noticed, he was displaying developmental disorder characteristics and had difficulties with social interaction.  He was also delayed in his verbal communication and displayed restricted and repetitive behavior. Worried that something was wrong with him, we decided to face our fears and see a doctor.  We were crushed when the doctor told us our beautiful little boy was on the Autism Spectrum.   At the time we knew nothing about the condition. 

In spite of his developmental delays, at the age of five we noticed Dikran’s interest in music and his ability to play music on the keyboard without ever having taken a music lesson; we were astonished. Over the years he took music lessons and developed his skills even more and the product of that was his participation in events organized by Kerry’s Place, Autism Ontario, Geneva center, and many more. He was competing in a Music competition organized by the American Guide of Music where he came on first place for 4 years in a row.

Five years ago Dikran performed in a concert called OUR VOICE, with two other performers where they captivated the audience for 2 hours.  At this concert he performed his original song he wrote called “My Voice”.

Link to 2015 “My Voice” concert            https://youtu.be/YQfsrD2zkXA

Link to his new video                           https://youtu.be/zxO034qRUsk     

Link Covid                           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fuSS1NSooI&feature=youtu.be

Some of Dikran’s interests are the computer, playing bocce, and golfing.   Most of all he loves playing and listening to music.  He also enjoys spending time with his Friday Friends Group where they go to the movies our out to dinner, his favorite food is pizza and pasta.

I know that Dikran has daily challenges and will continue to face more challenges throughout his life, but his music truly helps him to get through most things.  As a mother, this gives me a great sense of hope that he will be fine in the future.

We strongly believe that disability is not a barrier for greatness, Dikran demonstrates that every day.

He is one of three sons, who are all our pride and joy.

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