Coach Brenda Budarick – Arnprior

Coach Brenda Budarick of Special Olympics Ontario(SOO) – Arnprior finds happiness in her athletes which, in turn, has taught her valuable life lessons along the way.

“Coaching SOO athletes is very gratifying. Depending on the athlete, it could be the simplest thing that makes them happy which in turn makes me happy.”

Advocating for inclusion, Budarick believes all athletes should be given the opportunity to participate in sport. With that in mind, she has been an innovator in providing such opportunities.

“Inclusion is the key for SOO athletes and we as coaches have to ensure all athletes have a chance to partake in their chosen sport and activity.”

It is euphoric seeing an athlete succeed or accomplish a personal best. Coaching also creates a sense of community which helps to involve and include athletes in activities that spark social interaction. Budarick highly recommends coaching SOO athletes; it’s just as much of an opportunity for you as it is for them!

In honour of National Coaches Week, we send our gratitude and thanks to coach Barbara Budarick. Thanks to YOU, Special Olympics athletes are able to achieve their goals in both competition and in life.