Chasing Dreams: Gael Shindano’s Remarkable Path in Special Olympics

Meet Gael Shindano, a dedicated Special Olympics athlete from Ottawa, Ontario. He has been involved in Special Olympics for 12 years and participates in a variety of sports, including athletics, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and swimming. Gael loves being active and always looks forward to participating in competitions and meeting new people. 

For Gael, Special Olympics is more than just sports. It's a place where he can meet people who accept him without judgement and who are always willing to help him improve and do his best. He cherishes the opportunities to compete in various competitions, including the 2016 Provincial Spring Games in Guelph, the 2017 Canada Games in Winnipeg, and the 2018 National Games in Antigonish. Gael has also participated in Defi Sportif in Montreal for several years, which is one of his most cherished memories. 

To donors and supporters of Special Olympics, Gael wants to express his gratitude. He knows that their contributions make a significant difference in the lives of Special Olympics athletes like himself. Their support allows them to enjoy their favourite sports and be accepted for who they are. Gael is proud to be a part of the Special Olympics community and is grateful for the opportunities it has provided him.