Bryan Goodrich: Celebrating 25 Years of Athletic Excellence in Special Olympics

Meet Bryan Goodrich, a dedicated athlete from Caledon who has been involved in Special Olympics for 25 years! Bryan participates in athletics and swimming and enjoys running, shot put, and swimming. To Bryan, Special Olympics means new opportunities and a chance to showcase his athletic abilities without limitations.  

One of Bryan's best memories with Special Olympics was winning first place in swimming. He loves participating in competitions and always looks forward to improving his performance. To Bryan, Special Olympics is a place where he can grow and achieve his goals, and he is grateful for all the opportunities it has given him.  

As a donor or supporter of Special Olympics, Bryan would like to thank you for your support. Your contributions make it possible for athletes like him to enjoy their favorite sports and achieve their dreams. With your help, Bryan can continue to compete and grow as an athlete, and for that, he is truly grateful.