2023 World Summer Games Athlete Identification

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the 2022 National Summer Games, Special Olympics Canada (SOC) has had to modify its identification process for the 2023 World Summer Games in Berlin, Germany. Rather than hosting centralized National Games, SOC has divided its assigned quota to each of the chapters and has given each chapter full authority to select the athletes for their respective quotas. The quota numbers and advancement processes will look very different this year as we continue to feel the effect of the pandemic.

Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) has received its quota, and has been tasked with determining its own advancement pathways for the quota it was assigned. The following document will outline the process SOO will follow to identify athletes to the National Team Program Training Squad.

The World Games Qualifying process is outlined on the Special Olympics Ontario World Games Qualifying Site.

General Eligibility

Athletes must meet the following criteria to be eligible for advancement to the 2023 World Summer Games:

  • Be 14 years of age as of January 1, 2023
  • Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Submit an Declaration of Interest*
  • Meet the sport-specific requirements (events, time standards, ability of play, etc.)
  • Must be fully endorsed by their community council and community coach.
  • For Spring Sports: Athletes must have been selected to attend the 2020 Provincial Spring Games in their respective sport (10 Pin Bowling, Basketball, Powerlifting, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming)
  • Summer Sports: Athletes must have been included on the Two Year Eligibility List for the 2021 Provincial Summer Games in their respective sport and have attended a provincial level competition within the past 5 years (Athletics, Bocce, Golf, Soccer)

Note: Individual sports may have additional eligibility requirements.

*SOO reserves the right to request proof of eligibility and proof of ability to meet the sport-specific criteria. SOO has the sole discretion to decline an athlete’s Declaration of Interest if they do not meet the above stated eligibility criteria.

Athlete Identification

Once athletes have confirmed their eligibility and have completed the qualification process, a series of random draws will take place for the final athlete identification. The random draw process will vary by sport. A complete outline of the identification process can be found on the Special Olympics Ontario World Games Qualifying Site.

Note: the random draws will be witnessed by a committee comprised of SOO volunteers and athletes to ensure fairness and transparency in the identification process.

Athlete Endorsement

A final endorsement by the community, and the parent/guardian will take place prior to the formal announcement of Team Canada.  Any questions regarding the advancement process for the 2023 World Summer Games should be directed to: games@specialolympicsontario.com

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