What is MyPAHL?

MyPAHL (Physical Activity and Healthy Living) is an online health and wellness program that was designed to help Special Olympics athletes get and stay physically fit while being rewarded in the process.  

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How does MyPAHL work?

Athletes create an account for MyPAHL online at www.mypahl.com with the code ‘PAHL’ and complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire. The HRA helps MyPAHL design an Action Plan for each athlete based on areas that may need improvement. Each Action Plan includes recipes, videos and tips on how to improve your health.

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What other features does MyPAHL have?

MyPAHL allows athletes to track things like their sleep, steps, mood, how much water they drink, and how many fruits and vegetables they eat.  They can set daily, weekly or monthly reminders for manual tracking, or they can connect their wearable devices (like FitBit or Garmin) for automatic tracking.

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How is MyPAHL different from other tracking platforms?

The most exciting part of MyPAHL are the points and rewards! Athletes earn points every time they use a feature on the platform or track their health habits. They can then use their points to bid on real items in the Rewards Store like gym bags, water bottles, SO shirts and gift cards! There is a rewards draw every month.

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Video Tutorials for MyPAHL
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