Portal Introduction

The Self-service Membership Portal is an online membership management resource. It allows all registered members – athletes, coaches, volunteers and educators to access database information pertaining to the role(s) that they hold with Special Olympics Ontario 

Members will have different access levels to the information stored in the Portal based on their roles. Below is an outline of what each role will be able to do in the Portal: 

All Members:  the Portal allows all members to maintain their own information. This would include updating your own address, e-mail, phone number and club registration information.  

Club leaders like Head Coach & Team Manager:  will be able to update the information for their club(s) and update the rosters associated with the club(s). 

Community leaders like Community Coordinator & Data Administrator: have the ability to update members profiles and club information for all records associated with their community. 

Family Admins and Group Home Admins: can maintain records for all athletes that are associated with their record


We have prepared this comprehensive tool that will walk you through the steps you need to take when using the Portal to perform a variety of functions. If you have any issues with this resource or with the Portal itself please connect with your District Developer.