Tips to Create & Manage New Session for Next Sport Season – Amendments

    • March 11, 2020 at 12:50 pm #36408

      Who can create New Session?

      • Community Data Admins
      • Head Coach/Team Managers

      Steps to create new session:

      • Create New Session for sport before old session get expired
      • Fill out all necessary information (session Start Date and End Dates must be future dates)
      • Select Session Status – Active (Will be available for online self enrollment, registered members & Data Admins)
      • Get it approved by SOO Staff (District Developers, Membership Staff)
      • Let SOO staff know that it has to be hidden for Self Enrollment while asking for session approval
      • Enroll Head Coach/Team Manager
      • Approve their enrollments with enrollment Start Date as of Today

      Note: Sessions duplicated by DBA will have Hide From Self Enrollment feature ON.

      What Hide from Self Enrollments means?

      New session will not be available to

      • New Members to submit online applications
      • Registered Members to enroll themselves in this session

      When community decides to open for online registration

      • Ask SOO Staff to make it available for Self Enrollment

      Note: Currently Hide from Self Enrollment feature is available to staff only. It will be available to Data Admins on Portal.

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